Sunday, July 24, 2011

Back in the World!

Am back in Onllne World after the Shooting Industry Masters, sponsored by FMG Publications, at the spectacular Rockcastle Shooting Center north of Bowling Green, KY. We'll have DRTV coverage of the event, which also includes the Academy of Excellence Awards, coming up soon. I mostly worked, but did take enough time out yesterday to shoot the handgun stages as a part of Team Glock — Glock execs, not the Randi, Dave and Tori show!

Rockcastle is amazing, a 2000 acre golf and shooting resort...admit it, you always wanted to see a golf course converted into a sporting clays course. Would that this become a major national trend! One of the reasons I went to the event was to scout Rockcastle for some upcoming SHOOTING GALLERY filming, and we'll definitely be placing a couple of shows there.

Sadly, a friend showed me a really spectacular gun that I can't tell you a thing about. Gun designers are an interesting breed, and in a world of CNC machines, their work is just short of magic. If/when the veil of secrecy gets lifted, you'll see it here first.

I did want to say a couple of words on the horrible events in Norway. Last night Marshal Halloway, who is from Norway and was active in gun rights there before he moved to America, was on the phone last night to Norway media addressing, once again, the "gun issue." What I see is, as others have seen, is a catastrophic failure of gun control. An unarmed people are sheep, with all that implies.

In a larger sense, we want very badly to believe that we have evolved beyond the implacable rules of the veldt, the iron law of tooth and claw. But in reality, the veldt is always with us, along with the knowledge that some in our pack, our extended family, are irrevocably broken. Rather than listen to his message, or endlessly ponder what series of events or severed synapses led to his rampage, or agonize over greater meanings, the Norway shooters should be put down like the rabid animal he is and let the human beings get on with mourning their dead.

Unfortunately, that will not happen.


Anonymous said...

One question. Are the Norwegians going to examine themselves as a result of this incident? Not the cretin that did this and his 1500 page manifesto but Norwegian society? They used to be a proud and dare I say it, arrogant and tough breed. It wasn't that long ago that Norwegians kicked some serious ass in WWII. There are some old guys still walking around who were part of that. Is that now ancient history? Somehow part of mythology, and not modern history? Hell, the root stock of the western world has been hit with a blight. Finns who held off a million Soviets, Brits who essentially owned the world for a while, Italians and Greeks who civilized the world and beat it into submission. Even the Swiss are being slowly de-balled. All of western Europe has rotted away. Pity.

Anonymous said...


So now these nations have been disarmed and transformed into sheep. Where you can have over 600 kids at a summer camp and no adults able to protect them. Where the police are 1.5 hours away. Where kids according to testimony weren't even able to swim 800 yards off the island and returned to be killed. HG Wells was visionary seeing a society of Eloi, meek and defenseless. Only it wasn't that far into the future.

Anonymous said...

"we want very badly to believe that we have evolved beyond the implacable rules of the veldt, the iron law of tooth and claw. But in reality, the veldt is always with us,"

The human being is an animal, with all that that implies. The only ones who truly believe they have risen above the "Law of the jungle" are the Liberal elite, the same ones who have been wasting our wealth for generations.
Any one who has lived in a less than affluent neighborhood adapts the same techniques as the rest of the animal kingdom, either stealth and concealment or the ability to fight back.
I can't feel much respect for those who reject both options, ( either don't be noticed where bad things can happen, or be able to defend yourself )
and then act surprised when they become lunch.
But that's just me, I don't sympathize with salad greens either.
Tom B.

nj_larry said...

Before everyone starts to freak out, I warn you all to sit down. The media is now playing up the deadly DUM-DUM bullets this guy used ! Yikes not the deadly DUM-DUM ! Yes the deadly DUM-DUM...(did I say DUM-DUM enough? )

MB is it possible for Marshall to give us some insight into Norway. I be thinking this was like your ideal Scandinavian society from years ago, with skiing and ice fishing and such. Just on TV tonite (MSM no less) the report was about the fact that 25% of Norway is non-white Muslim today. That the "youth camp", which I was thinking summer camp in Maine, turns out to be some radical left wing indoctrination camp for Muslim Norwegians. Including rallies against Israel, pro Palestinian speakers etc. What the heck is going on there? It is now clear to me I have no idea the current social climate in Norway, but it doesn't sound good. We don't have even half the story I suspect. Marshall could help educate us.

Unknown said...

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