Monday, September 05, 2011

Happy Labor Day!

I will say the airport looks less than festive, but what do you do?

Was pleased with my shooting but disappointed in my finish at the Colorado Ruger Rimfire Championships last weekend, if that makes sense. Was a fun, well run match, although it was a Rimfire Steel Challenge match. Also had a wonderful dinner with Rimfire ace Tim Norris, Derek Zavada from the California Wheel-Burners, and SG Producer John Carter (who beat me by t....h....I....s....s....s much!) and family. I liked the Franken-10/22 a lot...cut a bit more out of that Boyd stock and reshape the comb,, maybe a Hi-Viz fiber optic front sight and it's 100%! Something to do this winter, which, BTW, is coming. Was 34 degrees night before last. Sadly my Sweetie got sting on the leg by a yellow jacket, no doubt pissed that his life has boiled down to a couple of more weeks. First freeze, he's toast.

Wish the pistol was a little heavier, but I don't think it effects my shooting. What few range sessions I can carve out over the next few weeks will be IDPA oriented, with the SIRT trainer to (hopefully) fill in the slack.

Sons of Anarchy tomorrow! Although they'll have a tough time topping last season. I'm waiting for word on the green light for a new series...if it comes through, you'll see it announced here!


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