Thursday, September 29, 2011

Open Carry

-- Post From The Road


DamDoc said...

where did you find the skin colored collapsible stock and fore rail?

Michael Bane said...

Old Cav Arms stuff...


Rastus said...

FAST AND FURIOUS Documents released by the White House:;contentBody

Eight and a half megabytes of it. National Security Staff member Kevin O'Reilly in the White House was communicating as early as July 2010. I wonder if he's going to take the fall and be pardoned or wind up like Vince Foster?

Waiting for rest to download to read more....

Kansas Scout said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kansas Scout said...

what is that bike?

Kristophr said...

You missed out on the dishwasher safe all plastic receivers? Too bad.

I need a saddle-style scabbard to mount mine on my naked gold-wing.

Generic Levitra said...

Sorry to say but I don't like this picture.And I don't understand why he has given pose like this!!

Dock said...

Sweet bike! I hope it's yours. :)

You had aught to head on down to where I'm living now in Bastrop County in Texas, Michael... plenty of burned-up wildfire-ravaged land to serve as a backdrop for wildfire preparedness episodes of Best Defense: Survival.

I'll see you around bro!

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