Thursday, September 15, 2011

Home Again Home Again...

...etc. On the way home I picked up a really sweet (initial impressions) Sig 1911! Been a while since I handled one, and this one is flat-out beautiful. Will have it out at the range tomorrow and Saturday, along with that slick Para 1911 from their Custom Shop. It's never a bad thing when it rains 1911s!


kmitch200 said...

I bitched loudly when my stainless SIG 1911 w/rail didn't work, but a trip back to the factory made it right. (series 80 issues)

A trip to my gunsmith made it perfect! :)

OKGlockman said...

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Anonymous said...

I bought one of the Sig Scorpions over the labor day weekend. I did a lot of research, and prayed to the gods that I was choosing right. Time will tell, but 700 rounds later it runs like a top. I am impressed. I wish I had the money left over to go bid on that one too..


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