Friday, September 09, 2011

Next Event, Please!

Flew a few hours, drove a few more, O-Dark-30 call tomorrow AM. Expect to be up all night tomorrow, too. Damn, I'm tired. Spent a little while in the hotel room dry-firing with the SIRT gun, but honestly couldn't concentrate on the little orange dots on the wall. Read on one of those "operator" forums that I was a moron asshole, or an asshole moron, or maybe an ass-more hole-on...hard to keep it all straight! LOL!

I think we're breaking some new ground with THE BEST DEFENSE on Season 4, especially on concealed carry techniques. I'm probably going to cover some of it on upcoming podcasts. The Janich-Seeklander interchanges are fascinating. Marshal Halloway was there filming "behind the scenes" stuff for one day, and he caught a lot of those interchanges that you'll be able to see on DRTV.

Hopeful that I'll have a Beretta Nano pretty soon. Looks interesting, like a little baby Glock. Been carrying that LC9 on the road; will be changing to a small frame revolver for a while, just to remember how the little suckers work.

I think the genetically engineered sludge that gets shot into my knees every year of so has worn off on the left side...feels like someone is driving a self-tapping sheet metal screw into my kneecap. Ouchies! Getting old isn't for sissies...


DamDoc said...

I listened to your podcast this morning and was bowled away... My take away was that i had always framed 9/11 in my own mind with how it had inconvenienced me.. I was stranded in Salt Lake City (until I could comandeered a car to drive to Maine in 38 hours... then was on one of those empty planes you talked about the next week for a "mission critical" business trip. I also lost a college professor who died crashing into one of the towers.. But you took me right into the onsite perspective, and the incredible sacrifice, valor, and sole crushing loss. The ash, papers and wreakage...I knew the ground zero story, like all of us do, but you had me there, seeing it with my own eyes, like it just happened. In the ash. You are a gifted podcaster (amunst many other things!)... thanks for sharing the talent with us, And god bless all those who gave it their all that day, either voluntarily, in their daily routine, or by chance.

"gunner" said...

ignore the idiots calling names, you're doing a good job educating people, including some who happen by chance to channel surf into your show and stay to see what its about. i've been around guns since a teenager, i'm crowding three quarters of a century now and i'm still learning. keep on keepin' on.

Not Available said...

In an attempt to make you feel better, we are the same left knee, left shoulder and right elbow are killing me lately. Getting in the way of working out.

There, do you feel better?

kmitch200 said...

The rooster comb joint grease only works for a while. If you're bone on bone, like I was, joint replacement is in your future.

A very little, very old lady saw me trying to cope with my knee and asked why didn't I just get a replacement.
I told her "Because my doc says I'm too young."
She said, "Tell your doc to go to hell! When you get it done, you'll kick yourself in the ass for not doing it 5 years earlier."
I had mine done in 2001 when I was 43 and so far ZERO problems and that includes 10 more years working on a firetruck, not a desk job.
12 weeks total rehab. For the first month, I needed a Pez dispenser for the pain pills, other than that, piece of cake.
That little old lady was right on the money!!

What are you waiting for?

Short Lane Chamber Adapters said...

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