Thursday, December 22, 2011

Buffalos Died in the Frozen Fields, Ya Know!

Well, maybe not that cold, but it was nippy up here at the Bunker. We hosted a neighborhood party last night, and it went wonderfully. We even drank up the last of my hi-zoot Brian Benson Kandy Red, a just wonderful red wine.

The winter storm that slipped through last night dumped about a foot-and-a-half of snow, which my Sweetie and I spent the afternoon chiseling off the driveway..ah, winter! Almost.

I hated to see that Kevin Brittingham, founder of Advanced Armament, is out. Of course, Kevin sold AAC to Freedom Group/ Remington a couple of years back for about a zillion dollars, but the merging of the free-wheeling AAC culture (much loved by top tier military) with the more staid FG/Remington was easier said than done. Last time I talked to Kevin, there was a lot of tension there. It's a shame because so much innovation comes from those "skunk works" type companies. Kevin's a genius, and I wish him the best.


DamDoc said...

seems old freedom works eats and destroys good companies.. they bought bushmaster, a truly Maine company, and moved it away.. seems the pheonix is rising out of the ashes on that one with windham weaponry! hiring back all the old staff. (Check em on the web).. where there is skunk talent, there is always new potential...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Hey MB Merry Christmas!
This should cheer you up...I just bought a Remimgton 1911, gift wrapped it to myself and then wrote on the tag "from" Michael Bane! My son and I placed it under the tree and couldn't stop laughing. Keep up the great work. Love DR Radio.

Tim J

Unknown said...

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