Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Ruger LCR

As I have mentioned, I've been doing a couple of months' experiment with carrying a small-frame revolver, a Ruger LCR in .38 Special, as my primary carry gun. I wanted to give it a try because it has been a long time since I carried a J-framed sized gun as my primary, and I've been getting a lot of questions. I'm thinking that many new CCW holders, what we refer to as Gun Culture Ver. 2.0, has opted for the classic revolver as their carry gun of choice.

Let me give you a quick set of bullet points of what I've learned so far:

• The LCR carries amazingly well on the belt. It's light (13.5 ounces in .38; 17 ounces in .357). The short revolver, combined with that light weight, allows the gun to be easily carried in a hi-ride holster without the dreaded "tip" outward of the gun away from the built. I've been using a Ritchie holster on a Wilderness Tactical Instructor's Belt.

• The LCR has the best trigger pull of any snubbie I've ever shot, including the other 3 I own. I've put anouth rounds through it that it's very smooth and, thanks to the patented trigger system, doesn't stack at the end.

• Polymer frames and soft grip panels work...felt recoil is reduced and the second shot comes quickly, even with the Corbon DPX I routinely carry.

More later...

BTW, here's Jeff Quinn's old review and an excellent look at the LCR .357 from My Gun Culture. You guys know I'm in the .38 Special camp, right?


Rob Drummond said...

Oh God a Ruger I don't have!!!!!
Rob Drummond
Hillsboro, NH

kmitch200 said...

You guys know I'm in the .38 Special camp, right?

You mean you don't carry 180gr 357 rhino stoppers in a light revo?
Maybe you are sane after all. :)

Magnums in small packages are like a flash-bang with projectile.

My Gun Culture said...

Can't wait to get my hands on the new SP101 .357 with 4" barrel!

The Freeholder said...

I've been carrying my late Dad's J-frame (a Charter Arms with Crimson Trace grips) and I've been quite pleased with how well it carries. To me, the worst thing is carrying a speedloader--if it's in a jacket pocket I have to fight the urge to fiddle with it.

Unknown said...

I had an LCR and it was a great gun to carry but not fun to shoot. It was very controllable and nicer then the S&W J-Frame I owned a long time ago but not a gun for a new shooter. I have changed to a Sig P238 for the same carry use and that one is fun to shoot. For winter or if I have to go to a place I want more I carry a 9mm or 45 but for the other days the P238 (or LCR) is very nice to have.

DamDoc said...

my two carries are the lcr in a pocket holster and the kimber ultra carry ii in a super tuck delux.. love em both!

Anonymous said...


AN LCR is NOT J frame sized! It is SP101 or Colt Detective Special sized. That means it is bigger.

Anonymous said...

Bullet points?



Pignock said...

Which Ritchie holster do you use? They don't have a "hi-ride" holster listed in their products list.

I ask because I have a similar fighting trim physique as you and have had a hard time finding a comfortable holster.


C Walley said...

Nice gun from a good company.

I'll stick to my S&W 640-1 in .357 magnum for my EDC.

Michael Bane said...

From Ritchie:


How about "small frame revolver?"