Friday, December 30, 2011

Perfect for the New Year!

From my friends at Stag Arms, the ideal briefcase for the Year the Mayan Calendar ends:

From the press release:
STAG ARMS is proud to announce that it has partnered with LAN World, Inc. to introduce the 2012 Executive Survivors Kit. 
STAG ARMS and LAN World, Inc. have designed the executive survivor’s kit (ESK) for the discerning customer that demands the highest quality equipment. Using only the finest products the 2012 ESK is truly the survivor’s kit of choice for any type of disaster preparedness and personal security. The ESK can be purchased ($2012) online or over the phone where a customer service agent will find your closest dealer and assist in the transfer to you. The ESK with its military grade case is perfect for long term storage or can easily travel with you.

The 2012 Executive Survivor’s Kit includes the following and is competitively priced at $2,012 (over $2500 value!):
•Stag Arms Model 2 AR-15 rifle
•Diamondhead Versa-Rail handguard
•EoTech 517 Holographic Red Dot Optic
•Stag Arms Field Repair Kit, OTIS AR-15 Cleaning Kit, & Silent Sling
•Two 30 Round Magazines (10 rounds for restricted states)
•Gerber MP 600 Multi-Pliers
•Gerber Omnivore LED Flashlight
•Dual Purpose Human/Pet First Aid Kit
•MRE Field Ration Meal
•Pelican 1700 Long Case
•60 Rounds of Quality Ammunition


"gunner" said...

2k bucks, and the morning after "the end of the world" doesn't happen you've got another over expensive toy, and some marketing geek is chuckling as he counts your cash. same as the "y2k" hype, but with even less base in reality.

Anonymous said...

"gunner" .... you are talking absolute heresy ! Guns and marketing? Fear mongering? NEVER !! No way, no how!!! ... ROFLMAO

Dave S. said...

The lone survivalist meme is as stupid as it is silly. I've got nothing against apocalyptic Walter Mittyism (hereafter "AWM") - it's kind of like Civil War re-enacting, albeit more earnest - but if things go tango uniform, your typical survivalist bag o' goodies is near useless. What you need is precisely what AWM is philosophically against - mutual support with other people. Look at most any disaster situation, and what you find is that successfully getting through it involves co-operation, not Mad Max lonerism. And by co-operation, I don't mean two goateed bald guys engaged in mutually-supporting fire and movement.

Several days food and water for yourself and to share, a full tank of gas and a couple jerrycans, a sidearm just in case, and good neighbors. If things get to the point you're carrying an AR-15 and 2000 rounds of ammo, believe me, no preparation in the world is getting you through that scenario.

All this "zombie apocalypse" and TEOTWAWKI hysteria is a manifestation of tremendous social and economic anxiety. If prepping for it makes you feel good, great. But it's either going to be a temporary disaster you'll get through with minimal (and non-violence-oriented) preparation, or a true apocalypse that no firearm or paracord belt is going to get you out of.

Anonymous said...

What?! No bayonet? Sounds like a gyp!:-)

Fiscal liberal /Social Conservative said...

To Dave,

You are the FIRST person I have read who understands the truth. We get though things together.

I am a preparedness nut. But that is because I believe in earthquake's (live in CA). Most people really do not seem to believe in them around here.

I want to love my neighbor, or if things are totally FUBAR hunt a deer for them (we have lots in my area). But if Iran nukes the US Navy in the straights of Hurmoes SIC. The world economy will basically slow below the 1930's level. How do I shoot at a worsening financial depression. We can live in fear or act out of hope.Happy New Year my friends.

atm said...

I didn't see any people sitting in drum circles singing kumbaya during Katrina. I did see looting, rape, and murder. I saw neighbors turning on neighbors, as the HAVE NOTs wanted to be the HAVEs. While some may over-estimate the amount of violence in a disaster, I think Dave S. is under-estimating it.

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