Wednesday, December 07, 2011

How About Marshal's Jacket?

From Tombstone last week...

Man, what a week! From Tombstone to Hollywood to Tulsa, bippity bappity boom! I am seriously glad to see so many things coming together, but I can at least "see the barn" from here.

Couple of things...Eric Holder before the House again tomorrow...wonder what Mr. "You're all cowards" will have to say? The dog ate his homework? That the buck stops somewhere else? That, hey, collateral damage doesn't count if you just look at it the right way. The man is an embarrassment...he should be under indictment, not the head law enforcement officer in the United States.

I see that CBS is reporting that they have memos proving Fast and Furious, if it wasn't purely an undercover pro-gun control attack on the Second Amendment, was at least going to be used to promote gun control by hiding BATFE involvement and calling for long gun reporting requirements. I've said it before (and I believe I said it very very early on) F&F only makes sense as an attack on the Second Amendment...give me a different explanation that passes the sanity check. If DOJ/State was using F&F to funnel guns to the Sinoloa cartel to aid in their endless apocalyptic struggle with the Zeta cartel -- the net result regardless of who wins being the destabilization of the legitimate, if ineffectual, Mexican government -- that's an act of war by the United States against Mexico. "Bungled operation?" Yeah right...everybody and his dog Fred in the chain of command signed off on this wasn't ran exactly the way it was supposed to run, which is why all the sign-off'ees signed off in the first place. And recall that the Obama administration has sealed the records on the death of Agent Brian Terry...that should tell anyone with the IQ of a grape just how high those sign-offs went.

And you know, I won't even mention the Mythbusters cannon ball, except to say WOW, I'm glad that wasn't mine!

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Charlie Foxtrot said...

Good lookin' jacket.

Marshalette's has the sense of style ALF doesn't.