Thursday, February 09, 2012


First, FYI:

Find yourself on this fun chart!

Have been on the range smacking ballistic gel and filming it with ultra-high speed Phantom camera. Net conclusion? Don't stand in front of anything that says "12 Gauge!" Also, for all you .410 Judge owners out there, we're going to come down in favor of Federal Personal Defense 4-pellet #000 buckshot, with the Winchester PDX .410 stuff pretty close behind.
You'll see all the tests on SHOOTING GALLERY in March.

I also got to spend a lot of time with KRISS Vectors, both semi and full auto, suppressed and unsuppressed. I've shot the gun before and talked about it on the podcast...almost fell on my face because I put so much humph forward expecting recoil and muzzle rise of a .45ACP buzz gun that never materialized. The Vectors are a riot to shoot....40 and 9mm flavors are on the horizon.

BTW, earlier this week we were filming with Sara saw her on TOP SHOT...also for SG. Impressive shooter!

BTW, am I the only person who wishes the FRANCKIN" REPUBLICANS would quite acting like they're all in the 10th grade, pick a nominee and get on with it? And note to Newt Gingrich...Barack Hussein Obama is not a "good man in over his head."


DamDoc said...

at they risk of riling the crowd, amen!.. Just tell me who the non-obama is that the republicrats select, i will hold my nose, and vote... word out from heritage foundation is that the average annual ernings for people who actually work is now about the same as the average annual assistance dolled out by Obama ($30,000 or so)... so if you work for 30k, then you gotta ask yourself "why work"? truly, we are pretty much screwed if we cant stick together......

nj_larry said...

DamDoc, we are going to have to write you up for creating a public disturbance :)

But let me point out something that I heard the other nite. It turns out that the Republican turnouts this year are running in order of 20 to 25% LOWER than in 2008. The base is just not excited by Mitt and large numbers of registered Republicans are just not interested anymore in the primary elections. It is what it is for good or bad. The speculation is that this will carry over to November (only 9 months away). Hence my prediction that Barry wins.

Anonymous said...

if Obama wins the same states that Kerry did a few years ago, Obama is at 239 electoral college votes/points. That is without Florida, which might go to the Repubs. If Florida does go to Obama, that is another 29 electoral college votes, so he will be at 268.

You only need 270 to win.

Better stock up now, fellas!

DamDoc said...

Does New Jersey really make people that cynical? Maybe its because i am in the sticks in Maine... it aint over till its over.. when we get one guy with a consistent message pointed at berry (instead of each other), and folks see the economy for what it is (the WH accidently tipped there cards today that they expect 8.9 unemployment this year, and then quickly retracted).. i think the numbers will go more negative for berry.. of course, if you stay home in november, it will become a self fulfilling proficy, wont it? If you like berry better than santorum/romney/gingrich/paul (whoever), then i guess you will do what you are going to do! good luck to you! and god help the rest of us...

George said...

For me, the only one that I like is Ron Paul, who is not going to get the nomination. So that leaves me with no real alternative for Republicans and I WILL NEVER vote for Barry. So that leaves me a third party vote - looks like the Libertarian party nominee for me.

I would caution those who are so sure of an Obama loss that something similar happened in the mid 90's with Bill Clinton. He was sure to lose, no way would anyone reelect him. And what happend? The Rs nominated Dole and the rest is history.

I'm not so arrogant and stupid as to tell you how to vote. I'll leave that to those who will tell me I'm wasting my vote on a third party candidate. But I will ask you to consider the mainstream candidates in this race. And ask yourself some questions. One of which should be, "If I really want fundamental change in my country, why would I vote for candidate X who represents all that is so wrong with this country?"

shawn w said...

MY GOD, I'm all over that poster!
what's a peace loving, gun toting, constitution loving, middle aged white male to do?
guess i'll change my name to jesus.
don't ask for no ID i ain't got none.

Anonymous said...


I suppose you want Repubs to get solidly behind antigun Mitt Romney. Why you think this is a good idea is beyond me. What part of Romney is antigun do you not understand?

No thanks.

Romney = BHO wins
Gingrich = BHO wins
Santorum = BHO wins

I am hoping against hope for an deadlocked convention that will draft someone, anyone, who is not listed above.

Drifter said...

I hear what you're saying about the Repubs; however, there are several major things working against a joining of forces at this time. First and foremost, truly individualistic, small government folks have an intrinsic dislike for following the herd merely for the sake of doing so. Yes, I realize it would be politically expedient to coalesce and campaign against BHO, but that requires an inspiring candidate (my second point). Second, around whom do you suggest coalescing? Our choices are New Obama (now 50% whiter), the Globalist, the Ayatollah, and the Crazy Uncle. Third, If you really can't distinguish the policies of "A" from the policies of "B", is the letter after the winner's name going to make all that much difference? I mean, I have no firsthand knowledge, but I wouldn't think donkey byproducts taste all that different than elephant byproducts. They're just packaged a bit differently.

I'm with NJ Larry that B-Ho has this one in the bag. He's an incumbent with unmatched teleprompter-reading skills. he has the media on his side and no formidable opposition. About all you can do is vote for some good Congresscritters in hopes of playing both sides against each other - kind of like the founders intended.

Anonymous said...

Drifter has called it correctly. Gun owners need to be focusing on electing progun congress critters. That's about the best we can hope for.

Right now, the only way BHO can lose is if Greece, etc drag Europe into an economic toilet that reverses the "growth" the U.S. economy has been experiencing. Then BHO might lose.

If Israel bombs Iran into the stone age and drags the U.S. into a middle eastern conflict then the "rally around the flag" effect might reelct BHO no matter how much the economy sucks.

Dave S. said...

No wonder Barry's going to win. We've got pouty thumbsuckers on our side.

The Democrats are going to have the White House and the Supreme Court for the next twenty years. And the loudest complainers will be the people who made it happen. Congratulations.

Barbara Baird - Women's Outdoor News said...

Great to see Sara Ahrens on your show! Good move, and credible, reasonable and personable woman.

Rob Drummond said...

Believe the media, believe in fair share, believe that the Repubs don't have a chance?

Then bow & pray at the second comming of the Supreme Lord & Dictator & kiss what's left of your freedom goodbye!

Rob Drummond
Hillsboro, NY

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Drifter said...

@ Rob & Dave S - And if the Republicans win, they're going to repeal what exactly? Which freedoms will they restore? I'm not bitter; I'm just calling it like I see it.

Unknown said...

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