Monday, February 06, 2012

Super Buffoons!

So Snowplow Bloomberg once again takes to the airways and the Sunday pressers to continue his quest to control every second of everyone's life in, that'll put you off your Ruffles and onion dip, or even Madonna's aging gams! Just wanted to touch on the meme he was peddling on the talk shows yesterday...from the NY Daily News, "Even with New York City’s tough gun laws, a Brooklyn thug who had 14 prior arrests allegedly obtained a pistol and shot plainclothes officer Kevin Brennan in the head last week, the mayor said."

Once of the big reasons America has lost interest in gun control is that the people are smarter — a lot smarter, as it happens — than Wayors Against Illegal Guns (who are 43 times more likely to be criminals than the average concealed carry permit holder). People with an IQ greater than lukewarm water pretty much figured out that our Brooklyn thug violated a lot of laws, not the least of which was shooting a cop in the head. I think that's still illegal even in NYC. It's also illegal for a convicted felon to even touch a gun, and yet our Brooklyn thug — amazingly — didn't hesitate to commit that felony, either. He probably carried the gun concealed...darn, another mandatory sentence crime in the Big Apple! Fourteen prior arrests?!?!? What was this thug doing on the street? Oh yeah, he hadn't tried to slip any transfats into his fast food and he was careful on salt intake.

American people realize that the reason criminals are criminals is that they break laws...if they're willing to break the big law about taking another life, especially the life of an armed law enforcement officer, they're pretty much not concerned with all the other, lesser laws. So, what is the point of passing new laws that everyone, including MAIG, knows will only impact non-criminals — you and I?

Wait a second...Michael Bloomberg is not really as dumb as he sounded last night...he knows that all the agenda MAIG is spouting won't amount to, as my friend Charlie Daniels once noted so succinctly, "a nickel's worth of warm piss." So then he has another agenda...hmmmm, I wonder what that could be? "Ending the gun show loophole..." Since there is no gun show loophole, and since there are now plenty of studies showing that gun shows are not a primary, or even a consequential, source of guns going to felons, wonder what Snowplow really hopes to accomplish?

Well, obviously, eliminate all private sales of firearms.

Hey, maybe, if all gun sales have to go through dealers, then there'd be a record of every firearms transaction...MAIG's next big item would be access to those records, a nice searchable database on every firearms owner in America...and, repeat after me, kids, what happens when we have that nice database?  Registration always, irrevocably leads to confiscation! No matter what those in favor of registration say; no matter which country (or state) we're talking about; no matter what guns end up on the list, as soon a Dot.Gov has a list that matches guns with citizens, they start moving toward taking those guns away from said citizens (rendering them "subjects," BTW).

The only "common sense" gun laws are carry laws. If NYC was part of the United States, where citizens have guns, thugs wouldn't control the streets.


Gunmart said...


JD(not the one with the picture) said...

Fuck Bloomberg and the Maybach he rode in on.

Anonymous said...

Bloomberg...give up your security detail..Ny gun laws will protect worries.

DamDoc said...

i love it... snowplow... however, that is an insult to snow plows!

Moosejaw said...

my pre-written response to all things Bloomberg:

Bloomers is a Crony-capitalist, nebbish, poor little rich boy, self hating jew, tiny buttwipe of a man...the only reason he is probably not a fag (the jury is still out) is that he has the greatest aphrodisiac of all time, billions of dollars....he decries the 2nd amendment, but whines about how the enemy’s first amendment rights to worship are being usurped....even though Islam is NOT a religion but a murder cult.....and dont get me started on salt, transfats, cigarettes and sugar
© Moosejaw 2012

Anonymous said...


As to the list matching guns to people then every gun owner with a CCW permit is on a searchable database right now.

Our guns are doomed by this scenario.

CharlieFoxtrot said...

I happened to be in NYC when Bloomburg showed up for a parade about 30' from where I was standing. Two things really struck me: 1. He is really short and 2. The only official I've ever seen with a bigger security detail was the president.

DamDoc said...

A concern I have had lately is it seems Armed American Radio has been having a love fest with this guy who wrote the recent glock gun book... Here we have a Bloomberg guy getting cred from multiple appearances on that show, and he works for Bloomberg!... So, Bloomberg will have an "expert" with "gun culture cred" on a major gun company at his disposal.. seems kinda "trojan horsey" to me! Just sayin....

nj_larry said...

Was watching the classic Kubrick film Dr. Strangelove last nite. The film (like all Kubrick films) is filled with all sorts of parallels and subtle meanings. I was struck by the prescient lines spoken by the mad General Ripper (played wonderfully by Sterling Hayden). He is closing down the air base after ordering the attack on the Russkies...hits home with us gun owners...registration leads to confiscation !


"And lastly, all privately owned radios are to be immediately impounded. They can be used to issue instructions to saboteurs. Air Police will have lists of all owners."

Michael Bane said...

DamDoc...I agree with'll notice that we've done nothing on the book...I told Paul Barrett that his boss was the equivalent if the fungus that feeds off the crap that builds up on the bottom of an open sewer...he told me that Bloomberg was " good man who pays well."

When you work for a pimp, it's hard to pretend you're not a whore.

I am at a loss as to why smart people in e gun culture have embraced this book and it's author. The second half of he book is a litany of MAIG talking points, and the "research" the book is based on comes from the man convicted for stealing from Glock and has recently been extradited back to the United States.

Simple truth...I do not support those who mean us harm...


d'oh said...

The "Super Buffoons" just cost Chicago taxpayers almost $400,000! See picture of check made to 2nd Amendment Foundation at IL State Rifle Association website -

Anonymous said...

if Caleb didn't clean up my post, I took him to task for plugging Bloomberg's butt boy's book.

I am beginning to think that just like the Fast and Furious debacle that this revolving door policy at jails and prisons is just another means to chip away at our Second Amendment rights.

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