Thursday, February 23, 2012

Notes on Today's Stages!

Perhaps I should take up golf...or curling...LOL!


shawn w said...

what about your better half?

ExurbanKevin said...

There is a long-standing tradition (durn near an official rule) in curling that the losing team MUST buy the winning team a round of drinks after a bonspiel (match), followed by the winning team buying a round for the losers.

Does IPSC have that? Does SASS? Heck no!

This is why curling is the best sport in the entire world.

Although does bang up your knees a whole lot...

Michael Bane said...

My Sweetie is doing better than me, but barely...we talk about not "rattling" in a match...well, I rattled, followed by deconstruction...

a saddened mb

Ps...but today is another day!

ExurbanKevin said...

Actually, as a semi-sucky "C" class shooter I'd want to hear more about that. I can run one stage like a house afire, and then totally brain-fart the next one, which will throw off my game for at least the next stage.

Something out the bumps is my next goal. Anything that gets me there is helpful.

Michael Bane said...

We'll talk about it in next week's podcast. We're both shooting on one of the "Super Squads," although they never call it that in cowboy. I think we had 4 division champions on the same squad last year, including cowboy shooting legend Long Hunter. The Super Squad is both good and bad...good, because you can see exactly how it should be done; bad because you can't do it at that pace yourself. With me, that translates into running right up to the edge of my abilities and falling over it, tumbling off into the netherworld of cascading mistakes. Kevin, as you've probably noticed yourself, I'll make the hard shots and muff the easy ones, a classic failure of concentration. What I've learned on the Super Squad helps me enormously throughout the year, but man, when it goes south it's hard for me to get my head back! Much easier for my Sweetie, who's far better at perspective than I am...


Anonymous said...

Shoot any pistol targets with the shotgun yet? LOL I will never forget that. Hope things get better.


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