Thursday, February 16, 2012

Why I Hate Politics

Let me get this much as I have been trying to ignore the Republicans' psychotic, self-destructive, circular-firing-squad "process" for choosing their contender — a person I have sworn to support — for the most important Presidential election of our lifetime, the front-runner now appears to be a man who loses elections by a landslide in his own state, who unconditionally supports big, bigger, biggest government, and whose stance on "social issues," especially women's sexuality, is pretty much on par on with your average radical Islamist mullah?

Excuse me for a moment...I think I need to throw up...


thoricuncle said...

Time to start the "Michael Bane for President" campaign. You platform can be
1) Nominate Pro 2A Judges
2) Place suppressors on the AOW list 3) Veto everything else. If it's really important, Congress can override it.

I'll have the bumper stickers printed tomorrow.

Tim Covington said...

The Republican party really is trying to lose the votes of everyone who is to the left of Attila the Hun and Torquemada. I think they want to lose the next Presidential election.

I used to be anyone but Romney. Now, I'm of the opinion that if anyone but Romney get's the Republican nomination, I will be voting Libertarian. Shoot, I might do that even if he gets the Republican nomination.

Anonymous said...

"But note how the narrative in the press has shifted. The Obama Administration says that churches who oppose contraception still have to pay for it. And then, when people object, suddenly the talk shifts from who pays for contraception to whether someone wants to ban it.

"It’s as if we passed a law requiring mosques to sell bacon and then, when people objected, responded by saying “What’s wrong with bacon? You’re trying to ban bacon!!!!"

eeyore said...

As soon as I started hearing Republican candidates begin slamming capitalism, I had that feeling like when you're watching some Food Network competition and they've just moved the 3-foot-high chocolate tower to the judging table, you hear *crack*, and everything begins to tumble down:
You can't stop it
It's really happening
Yer doomed

nj_larry said...

Ok so you don't like Santorum. But "women's sexuality"? What makes you think that he wants to get involved with women's sexuality? Because he objects to NAZI jack booted thugs forcing churches to pay for condoms and abortion pills? That makes him so horrible? When did he throw acid in the face of young girls? When did he recommend female genital mutilation? When did he recommend that they never leave their homes without a male escort? When did he cut off the ears and nose of a disobedient girl?

Maybe its because he cherishes all life including his handicapped daughter? That makes him so horrible? Is it because he thinks that 40 MILLION abortions a year is maybe not a good thing?

I'm going to ignore your ideas outside of the gun world. I'll write it up as an illustration of typing before thinking. Maybe go Amish for a while.

I would recommend looking up a local exorcist to expel those left wing demons. Oh and turn off MSNBC.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Michael B. Our party has been hijacked by people who insists on telling people what they CANT do based upon their own beliefs (sounds like the other guys right?)What ever happened to "as long as it does not infringe on others rights or freedoms,its legal?" Thats the GOP I grew up on. George Washington once said "I'm an American first, everthing else second", our candidates could learn alot from 'ole George.

Michael Bane said...

Jeeeeeez Larry...I am and have always been a pretty hardcore libertarian...I am against government thugs dictating to religious institutions,but I am also against the government dictating to individual women what they must or must not do with their bodies. Come to think of it, I'm pretty much against the government dictating anything to anybody.

When a man preaches about the evils of contraception, you can certainly make a case that it's a mild form of the disease, but I would argue that it is nonetheless the same disease...that's the disease of believing that some Higher Power, be it any one of the 9 billion names of God, has personally okayed your controlling other people's lives.

The problem, brother, is that government wants to control everything, every minute piece of our lives, and the man in question doesn't seem to have a problem with that...his only issue is that government isn't controlling the right things.


PS: Here's my campaIgn platform: If nominated, I will not run; if elected, I will not serve; if indicted, I will not talk! Vote for me, and there'll be cookies!

Obake said...

The opinions of the voting portion of public sit on a Bell Curve. Which ever Presidential candidate’s policies rest closest to the center of that opinion group, wins. Everyone in politics knows this.

To the Republicans the President appears to be the Anti-Christ and his position is slipping to the left edge of the bell curve. So all the Republicans need do is run a more central candidate to win the election. Instead they have chased off all the more central candidates in favor of running some Bozo the Clown ultra Right Wing nut.

I am a pro 2A independent makes me slightly right of center. Lately, on 2A issues the Democrats have held the line. When the Republicans hold office we seem to loose ground. If the Democrats ever actually fully embrace the 2A movement Republicans will disappear in a big, reactionary, puff of smoke.

Who do I vote for? If I vote for an independent candidate I will still have my self respect though the Republicans will SNIVEL LOUDLY that my vote: wont count, will hurt the my 2A rights and is basically a vote for the Anti-Christ. I could vote for the President. I live in Texas so how bad could it really be for us down here... I could vote for Bozo and loose all self respect as well as all my 2A rights anyway.

Here is the thing. It is February and the Republicans could still pull their heads out of, well you know, and actually run a viable candidate. Then, when in office, the Republicans MUST support the 2A community and repeal anti-gun legislation. If you are not going to do that then at least STOP SNIVELING and accept responsibility for your actions and choices.

DamDoc said...

Michael, My wife and I couldnt agree with you more... talk about snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.. Santorum looks like the kid brother of a friend of mine who always got beat up in high school... you know, with the crooked glasses and the slight drool and spitum when he talked, and the out of style sleeveless sweaters.. god, we are screwed!.. if he is the guy, I will vote for him, but it will be the last thing i do before we get 2to 3 more Kagey Sodimizers for supreme court justices, and they are kicking in my front door for my M1As, ARs and AKs... We live in a truly INSANE world of self depricating idiots. Just shoot me.

Rob Drummond said...

I am with you Michael!!!!

We need to get this bum out at all cost or we can kiss this country & our freedom good bye.

Oh and what country can we look to for the new beacon of freedom? When we go down the path of Greece what can we look forward to? Riots in the streets?

This is a critical election it paralells what happened when Lincoln was elected the possibility of a fractured country. THink I'm crazy? Well a state like North Dakota is booming while a state like California has & continues to do everything wrong. Masses a debt where they have to give promisory notes for tax rebates & can't possiblity pay it off or balance their budget. Look around how many states are in the same situation as CA? What about the states that are not? What will it take for states to want to be independant and not have to suffer the burden of poorly run states. How many states like many people are going to look for a bail out. How strong is the glue that binds our nation?

Maybe I am getting old, I remember being told to work hard sacrfice and save money for the future. I worked hard I sacrficed, & I saved. I started businesses, hired employees, & created a good life for myself & my family not to mention employees. Now in this new fairness environment I like many business owners are the bad guys. My state of NH is getting government mortgage relief and the papers say HELP IS ON THE WAY for 2/3 of NH mortage owners!!! One of the The Supreme Lord & Dictators ways he's is going to buy his reelection or should we say kingdom.....we can let this happen, we can say he's not conservative enough, etc, etc, etc, & sit out or throw away your vote. Or we can buck up say NO WAY. It's your vote don't waste it.

I have already thrown up
Rob Drummond
Hillsboro, NH

Anonymous said...

Hey Michael, Take a pill and calm down! Larry is right. Santorum was on WJR-760 AM in Detroit, Michigan this morning and he not only explained his position, they played his sound bites on his position on abortion and conraception. He also went on to explain the difference between his personal feelings and representing the people. They also played the left-wing "spin" on it. It sounds to me like you drank the MediaMatters "Kool-Aid.

If I'm wrong, give us the links to your examples.

Santorum's in town tomorrow and I may see if I can get in to his rally and I'll ask him about it myself, if I can.

Life Member

P. S.; Welcome back Larry, I was worried about you. You're back to being your Old Sage Self.

Bob Merritt said...

Romney is very much like Obama, and the man who best understands gun rights is Newt. But i would be happy with Newt or Rick, and I think either one will beat Obama. Also, I think the process is maturing the canidates and will be helpful in the end. The worst thing that could happen would be Romney gettihg the nomination,then Obama wins!

gunman42782 said...

Outstanding response, Michael, and I agree. The government needs to keep their collective noses out of all of our business. It is all about control.

Anonymous said...

It has been clear for some time that you think Repubs should fall in line behind Romney. How can you go from supporting Fred "the only real conservative in the race" Thompson in '08 to supporting Romney in '12?

Romney's antigun positions are well know, he signed an AWB and made antigun statements while governor.

The man has no principles.

His Mormon faith will cost him votes in the South among the Xtian fundies as they don't believe Mormon's to be Xtian's.

No one likes Romney.

In the end, Romney loses to BHO. In fact, it is looking as if BHO may have this one in the bag no matter who runs against him.

But in any event, why do YOU, Michael Bane, SUPPORT an antigun pol for President? Please explain.

Jack in Pa. said...

I'm with NJ_Larry, You are maybe a bit too Libertarian, with the earing and all! I always thought you a little strange! Santorum is an upstanding rightous person and even as an athiest I support his views 100%. America needs to get it's morals and faith back, as it is sorely missing!

Rastus said...

It's not all about guns.

The value of innocent life transcends the 2A. If you're going to "cling" to the Constitution/Bill of Right, it's "Life, liberty and the..." There was no disagreement among the authors and those who signed the Constitution of when life begins for an individual. To say otherwise is to ignore their writings, teachings and to demonstrate one's personal ignorance. If we can't get life right it all unravels down the road.

People are, or course, free to believe what they want. Also a gift of the "intolerant" authors and signers of the Constitution who's beliefs have been marginalized/ridiculed and equated with islamic thugs here.

Anonymous said...

Mikie, me lad, tell me ye not be trustin' the Washington Compost to be unbiased reportin' on GOP folks, do yer? And to Tim Covington, not tellin'ye how te vote er nothin', but why waste time? Jest go ahead an' pull the lever fer Barry, if yer so inclined.... NO ONE the Repubs eventually put on the ballot shows any sign of being as destructive of the Nation as the Community Activist in Chief & Co., imho.

prc25guy said...

need to get away from Dems and Reps........what happened to people who saw what needed to be done and got it done? post civil rights era americans expect the gov. to do all for them! yet, education has back slid, the mentality being 'dumber is gooder'
Religion is a personal issue !!!

Sexuality is a personal issue !!!

It's the media that drives all these non political 'hot potatoes' into the fore front of real life and death survival. Just look at what is displayed as entertainment on the TV. Duh, what's a Kardashun...didn't see that breed at the kennel club show!

Simplicity and common sense, please

Eric From MD said...

Right on MB! It irks me when control you agree with is ok, but when it's something you don't agree with its terrible governmental interference. Control is control. Santorum is a big government statist and was dumped by his own state for good reason.

prc25guy said...

Pennsylvania got rid of Santurum because it is a big Dem. state and he's a Rep! The party power, Ed Rendell, who is a New Yorker, is a Blumberger when is comes to guns. It's the big city vote that is killing the state. The city of Phila. is a cesspool of crime happy with the status quo! Like I said earlier 'dumber is gooder', where's my check?

Anonymous said...

2 words,
We're screwed.
Tom Bogan

Moosejaw said...

Mike, if you make Romney the candidate you rub the conservative BASE's noses into it...once again like they did with McCain back in '08.

and once again the base will stay home in droves if Mittens is the candidate.

I too harbor mostly libertarian viewpoints. but we are, as the gipper pointed out a 'big tent'...and you have to give the base someone they can rally around.

“We do have tough gun laws in Massachusetts; I support them,” he said during a gubernatorial debate. “I won’t chip away at them; I believe they protect us and provide for our safety.”

I cannot in good conscience vote for least not in the primaries

EJ said...

Not until the Republicans lose big enough will they quit offering us these left leaning, compromising, gutless candidates for POTUS.

They did not learn with McCain. They blamed Palin for their loss.

And then they offer candidates that could not beat McCain who could not be Obama?

A rational person would conclude they want to lose.

Joe Ballman said...

The whole damn thing makes me sick.

Michael Bane said...

As I've said, I will support the nominee. My candidate was Rick Perry, who I thought would make a fine President and who was the only true Second Amendment candidate, IMHO.

I accept that whomever is the nominee is they will not be my ideal 2A guy. But I would rather fight small battles over guns during a Republican Presidency than huge battles with an out-of-control Dem no longer facing reelection. I believe that the damage a second progressive Presidency can do to the United States is staggering, certainly unable to be repaired in my lifetime.

As does the NRA, I believe a progressive Supreme Court will not hesitate to turn back the protections of Heller and McDonald. That alone would guarantee my support of the Republican nominee.

Secondly, as a member of the pepper community, I believe there is a very real chance a second progressive administration will drive the U.S. to an Argentina-style wholesale financial collapse. Not exactly what I had in mind for my "Golden Years." LOL!


Pathfinder said...

For the record, not one non-bho candidate will make a difference if/when elected. Anyone caught tampering with the plan to destroy the US will be dead within a year of taking office.

And I too am looking working until I drop due to what has already been done to us.

Rob Drummond said...

Again I agree with you & you said it well, I'd rather fight small battles. I too am in the salt/pepper age (more salt though) and what happens now will not be repaired before they throw dirt on me.

Rob Drummond
Hillsboro, NH

Anonymous said...

"Anyone caught tampering with the plan to destroy the US will be dead within a year of taking office."

So if a Repub wins they are gonna get whacked by the Men In Black of THE New World Order?

Mr Pathfinder, you are a nutjob. Seek help.

Anonymous said...

Don't play into Obama's hands, Michael

Anonymous said...


If your favored anitgun candidate defeats BHO, have you considered that the Dems might win Congress in 2014 in a BIG way? And that your favored candidate, a man devoid of principles, might nominate David Souter type justices to the Supreme's and that he would sign a new AWB passed by a Dem congress?

Rastus said...

All in all, the nation will not be fixed by working from the top down with the Presidency. To be fixed, it must be repaired from the grass roots up. The 2A work done with concealed carry bears witness to that.

A Dem or a Dem Lite (RINO) is not a choice.

Anonymous said...

I really couldn't agree more with the original post, and I am definitely going to be using the phrase "Circular firing squad" over the next week.

Anonymous said...

I have been harping on this for a month or longer. Go do a google image search for the Bush Kerry electoral college map. I am betting that Obozo will win the same states that Kerry did. That puts Obozo at like 230 something points. If he wins Florida, he'll be at 268. Only 270 required to win. People! We're screwed!

tablekiller said...

I am with you Michael Bane! Santorum has said that the entire purpose for sex is procreation. Come on, seriously. What adults do in the bedroom is fun, entertaining and what grown folks do. Sounds like Santorum needs to get laid and maybe there in lies the problem and the real issue.

I will support the Republican Nominee, but I fear it's going to be Romney and he won't even come out against the U.N. Arms treaty like the rest of the candidates and that is troubling to me!

Horn Lake, MS

Anonymous said...

Fellows, it seems obvious to me we're fairly screwed either way we go.
1) You vote for BO and watch
our nation turn into France
or Argentina (at best).
2) You vote for the GOP nominee
who then is promptly blamed
for our mess by the Dems and
complicit media - leading to
a bloodbath in the 2014 mid
3) You vote for a 3rd-party
candidate and hand the
election to BO (see #1)
4) No matter what you do, the
US collapses financially,and
we become Greece - worse,
really, with armed partisans
of every stripe
The answer? Best I can come up with is to vote for the GOP candidate, hold their feet to the fire (Romney/Santorum ticket?), & continue to fight small battles while working to build a VIABLE 3rd party - and pray the GOP takes swift action to correct our financial mess (and take to the streets if they don't?).

No, I think we're screwed no mater what. Stock up, hunker down and lock & load fellows. It's gonna get UGLY.

Anonymous said...

Bryan Preston @PJ Media examines the "social conservatism is a loser for Republicans" argument and refutes it handily.

I respect your libertarian sympathies, Michael but your political instints are faulty. The historical record seems clear--social conservatism is a winner for the Republican party.

I will likely vote for Ron Paul in the primaries but the dreaded religious candidate "Sanctum Sanctorum" gets my vote in November should he win his party's nomination. ;^)


Anonymous said...

:) come on michael! i know you love outhouse rats! you yourself are one after all.. you'l vote for crazy uncle ron.. you'l hate yourself otherwise ha ha