Thursday, August 02, 2012

Apology for Light Blogging

I'm still a little on the down side of karma. Basically, I'm chained to my computer writing scripts for ELITE TACTICAL UNIT. If I remember correctly, I used to be a writer who spent days in front of the computer on a regular basis. But I do have to have my head in a certain place to write all day, and it makes me relatively obsessive. More than usual

Plus my Sweetie has been having some health problems...hopefully minor, but painful. Heck, even my friend Alan ended up in the hospital today with something yeechy. He's back out, luckily, but it sort of fits with the tone for this part of the summer. Here's something more upbeat...Alf the Wonder Beagle starring in "Death in the Tall Grass," with apologies to Peter Capstick:

Free Range Beagle Strikes Terror into the Hearts of Rodents!

I am getting in a little dry-firing on the breaks from writing, and on my "lunch break" today I assembled  a "tactical" Remington 870 20-gauge, mostly so I'd just stop tripping over the parts on the floor of my office. It's a cute little gun, if a tactical shotgun could be said to be "cute." My Sweetie plans to use it in an upcoming Rob Haught shotgun class next month, if she hasn't appropriated my FNH SLP by then.

Tomorrow at lunch I plan to go pick up my long-awaited Taylor Winchester High Wall in 45/70...there's an itsey-bitsy chance I may get to put a few rounds through it this weekend...I've got some 405-grain stuff around here.

BTW, I just discovered these festive AR-15 magazines from Keep Shooting:

These could definitely cheer up anyone's Zombie Apocalypse! I mean, Flat Dark Earth just isn't appropriate in every situation. Collect the whole set! I was tempted to say something about invading Disney World, but I took a couple of deep breaths and got over it. Still, I would feel a little better if the followers were in matching colors.

I like the blue one.


Parker said...

The Capstick/Beagle reference made me laugh out loud. "There is nothing more dangerous than a wounded beagle".

Keep up the good work!

kmitch200 said...

I chuckle very time I hear my neighbors beagle try to bark.
He really wants to but the bark just evolves into a long, siren like howl. :)

Darrell said...

I used Keep Shooting once. My CC was hacked within the hour.