Tuesday, August 21, 2012


The furnace here at the Secret Hidden Bunker kicked on this AM, and some of the high aspen are already showing golden at their tops. I'm not the Old farmer's Almanac or anything, but I suspect winter is coming.

Thus the sigh.

Was working on a new show proposal all day...those things take TWO FOREVERS to write and about 20 seconds to get shot down! LOL!

I'm once again shuffling carry guns in my project to get a feel for a bunch of different platforms. Next up is the Taurus "Slim" 9mm. I started carrying it today in an N8 Tactical IWB, but I have one of the Simply Rugged Cudas on the way. I'm also shopping for an appendix holster to try. I might also use the pocket DeSantis holster I've been using firthe Ruger LC9. I have some range time next week to get a good feel for the gun, which I have a couple of hundred rounds through from a few months back.


Anonymous said...

Let me know how the Taurus "Slim" 9mm shoots. Pincus shot one at the Paul Gomez Memorial...it jammed alot.


Eric said...

I'll trade your Winter for TS Isaac. Bonus part of the deal, you may get a free hurricane!

Rob Drummond said...

What DeSantis holster are you using for your LC9? I am using an IWB Blackhawk which is the only thing I could get that was close to a good fit. But it is still a little loose. Never carried the LC9 in a pocket always seemed a little big.
Rob Drummond
Hillsboro, NH

Michael Bane said...

Sorry Rob, only a pocket Nemesis holster.

I think that the new management at Taurus is doing an amazing job of building a new culture there. My "Slim" is an older one, and like I said, I've only got a couple of hundred rounds through it. I like the way the gun feels; like the trigger; in general like the way it handles. I'm going to wring it out pretty hard over the next couple of months. If I manage to break it, I'll take it down to Miami myself for the autopsy.


Overload in Colorado said...

you going to head into town Saturday and watch the bikes go through?

Michael Bane said...

Naw...gotta work! Sucks, cause I'd love to see the peloton come through!


Shredderr said...

My wife and I both have 709's and they're pretty nice. I was surprised though at how off the sights were when I bought the guns. They both shot low- mine very low. I was getting ready to adjust the sights when the range officer asked to fire the gun. After firing it he said he had never seen a new gun "off target" so much. Interestingly, I was reading a review of the Slims a few months afterward in one of my magazines and the writer of the article even commented about the sights being off and the gun shooting low.

Anonymous said...

Try the Dale Fricke Archangel for AIWB; it's fantastic! :)