Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Crazy Busy this Week!

... Heading into the Ruger Rimfire state championships this weekend. I think the guns are dialed in, but who knows -- I'll certainly be the last to know! LOL! 

Should be able to post this afternoon.

Am very pleased with the Republican platform!


ObiWan said...

I just read it. Excellent 2A! Now all we need is John Bolton as Sec/State and Sheriff Joe as Sec/Homeland Security!

DamDoc said...

yes, Bolton for sec of state and joe for dismantalor of DHS!!!! love it!!!

who is the mystery speaker?..

Rob Drummond said...

I agree Michael I think the Republicans have a great slate of candidates & god hope they win!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rob Drummond
Hillsboro, NH

kmitch200 said...

The LAST thing Sheriff Joke would do is dismantle DHS.
Go powermad? Check.
Run up budget? Check.
Get sued for millions? Check.
As a Maricopa Co. taxpayer these are the things I am used to.

He takes all the credit for anything done right by MCSO, (as long as there is a camera near by),
but when the SHTF he morphs into Dumb & Dumber and lays the blames on anybody but The Boss.
Way to lead from the front Joe.

Anonymous said...

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