Friday, August 10, 2012

Man, Is It the Weekend Yet?

I'm tired. I didn't make it to the range. Summer's almost over. I bought a Winchester Model 12 for our SG "Wild Bunch" episode. I may shoot it in match tomorrow, not for score, of course. Be a hoot. Maybe not. Marshal & I have put together the plan for a really great DRTV Internet series we hope to roll out Q1 2013. When in doubt, smash a couple of paradigms and run with it. If we can pull it off, it's a screaming home run. Yeah, I know, I should retire...just can't, you know...besides, then I'd have to go work at a Chick-Fil-A.

Looking forward to my Sweetie's and my first 3-Gun match (for me, the first in e daylight! LOL!), probably at Colorado Rifle Club in October. Need to get her shotgun, an FNH SLP, up to speed.

Especially looking forward to the Ruger Rimfire Colorado Championships end of August. Am still planning on shooting Limited, iron sights, but Tactical Solutions just notified me that at top-of-the-lineTac-Sol rifle on their X-Ring 10/22 clone receiver is on the way to my FFL. With a C-More RTS, it'd rock. Whether I would rock remains to be seen. I just got the Williams Fire Sight front sight for my Majestic/Ruger Mark III I plan to shoot, which I'll probably put on this weekend, then change out the red fiber optic tube for the green one.

Am sipping the last of a bottle of Rodney Strong Chardonney, which I will grant you is girly wine, but it's good girly wine. More than this you can't ask.


shawn w said...

yup, the weekend has arrived. guess you should enjoy you five minutes respite with a little girly wine.
cause retirement is out of the question. lol
couldn't imagine a Wednesday without the podcast.

you know...
i just came into a model 12 myself.
serial# puts it as 1924 mfg date.
haven't a clue what to do with it.(not much of a shotgun guy)

would definitely love to see an internet series. i already devour all the vids on down range tv.
i just can't bring myself to double my cable bill just to get outdoor network and 60 other channels i wouldn't watch.

best of luck at ruger and the three gun.

Wallaby Jack said...

Seein's how your programs aren't available to us downtrodden Australians I eagerly await the advent of your proposed internetting of your product.

Bring it on ....... please ...


nj_larry said...

Some weekend indeed....Woke up this morning to see all the media abuzz that Paul Ryan is the Romney VP pick. On my second cup of coffee this morning he will formally announce it in NC at 9am ET. As I heard the other week, Mitt did this to lock up the bow hunter vote, LOL...I say God Bless him and protect him and his family, as they are about to get the Sarah Palin treatment big time. But on this early start to the weekend, I am a happy camper.

ExurbanKevin said...

Count me and Robb as those who are EAGERLY wanting to get the shootey goodness of all your shows with the $100+ pillory of a cable/satellite bill. Heck, that $85 a month that Cox wants for the 300 channels I don't want and the two I *do* want (Outdoor Channel, of course, and BBC America for Top Gear), is a significant portion of my ammo budget for the month.

What'll be VERY attractive to we consumers is an alternative to paying the cable bundle tax for Wednesday Night At The Range that still maintains DRTV's profit margins, because hey, you DID build that business :) .

ExurbanKevin said...

*without* the $100+ pillory of a cable/satellite bill.

Oh coffee, where are you when I need you the most?

Anonymous said...

I had the same issue with the Outdoor Channel when I switched from my previous provider to Direct TV.
I expressed my concern about losing the Outdoor Channel and was informed I could order that channel as an add on for $3.50 - $4.00 a month without having to upgrade to the highest package.
Worked for me. Dan