Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A Return of Humanity

I suspect I may recover...nasty little virus, to be sure. Of course, it probably goes without saying that now I am massively behind from all those hours last week in bed. Funny story...I went out Sunday to record some Public Service Announcements for NSSF...less than a page of dialog...no big deal. It turned out to be like some video death march...my brain would run for about 90 seconds, then shut off like some knock-off Asian relay from Radio Shack. Half-way through a word, snap, and away goes the brain. My poor DP Rob Stookey, who no doubt took the job on holiday Sunday because he figured we'd knock it out in 2 minutes, eventually took on an all-suffering look.

While I was lying around in bed wrestling with the Snot Monster, I ran across some pics of a whole different level of 1911s, which continues to evolve as an object de'art as well as a prosaic handgun. the first is Cabot's American Joe:

Created by fashion designer Joe Faris — arguably the most famous clothing designer from Detroit since...well...since — it's very red, white and blue. And expensive.

Perfect Accessory For: Celebrity Harley riders, maybe Kid Rock, or anybody with a Hard Candy custom.

From Wicked Grips, a wicked one-off engraved 1911 in the style of Edgar Allan Poe:

"Take thy beak from my heart!" And give me those grips!

Perfect Accessory For: Midlife crisis fund manager with newly minted 22-year old Goth girlfriend.

If you're short the bucks, you can always get a 1911 art print from Cafe Press:

From Rogers Precision, a pretty cool industrial treatment of a 1911 slide:

This is their Night Fighter, built on a Springfield Armory platform.

Perfect Accessory For: Ironman.

From my old friend Dave Lauck, his Texas Ranger of the Year commemorative:

Is that not a screamingly beautiful gun? Check the dictionary and find it under "good taste."

Perfect Accessory For: Anyone who wants the ultimate Texas BBQ gun.

You know, I woke up this morning humming Frosty the Snowman. What do you suppose that means?


Will said...

Umm, that your bedroom is too cold?

Read recently that a cold bedroom is more likely to cause nightmares.

wv: trials thisMan. Sure sounds like it!

"gunner" said...

"art guns"? i'll stick with my old plain vanilla m1911a1, it's served me well for over 40 years.

Josh said...

That 1911 from Roger's Precision is cool... is that available for purchase?