Monday, May 13, 2013

On Shooting Themselves in the Foot...

Excellent piece by Kurt Schlichter in Townhall on how the Democrats continue to shoot themselves in the foot on guns:
We need to understand that the motivation behind the gun grabbing campaign has always been more than just naked political calculation. Certainly, liberals think it will help motivate their base and maybe shore up the squishy suburban mom demographic for 2014, but this is really a campaign fueled by emotion. 
That emotion is hate. 
This isn’t about dead children. If saving kids was their real motivation, liberals would have long ago allowed the police to end the daily slaughter in Democrat-owned war zones like Chicago, Detroit and Washington, D.C. No, this campaign is driven by elitist hatred for regular Americans who refuse to bend to their will, who defiantly live life on their own terms, and who stubbornly resist accepting the moral supremacy of the urban liberals who would rule them. 
They want to show us who is boss, to put us in our place, to take away the proud symbols of – and the tools that protect – our independence for one reason and one reason only. 
They want to show that they can. They want to demonstrate that what rights we have come not from our maker but from them, to be granted or withdrawn as they please.
They want us disarmed, demoralized and defeated. They are furius that we refuse to allow it, but anger is a poor foundation for building strategy.
Brilliant! Read the whole thing.

Here's another excellent read from Jacob on the 9 reasons why gun control advocates may be deluded...definitely worth the time to hit all the links. And for al those people who don't believe the ridiculous laws will be informed, this from The Blaze:
Gregory Dean, Jr. was pulled over in New Lebanon, N.Y., Sunday for a light on his license plate being burnt out. But what began as a simple traffic stop ended up with Dean being arrested over two bullets in his registered firearm, which put him in violation of the state’s new law, the Journal News reported.
Gosh, I hope the New York State Police get those cool "SS" slashes and death's head emblems for their uniform soon! Combine those with a thigh holsters, and, presto! Warriors! 

Speaking of which, Herschel Smith from The Captain's Journal does a great job of disassembling the new militarized world of law enforcement:
The militarization of the police and police tactics in America is an effort to sidestep Posse Comitatus. It’s a way to have a standing army police Americans rather than have the existing standing army do the policing of Americans. It’s a typical progressive, statist trick.
I've been talking about the dangers of a militarized police for years and years, but Boston really, really bought it home.


Fiftycal said...

The biggest problem for the POlice as the standing army is that they are outnumbered about 10 to one by people with concealed carry permits. And about 100 to 1 by all other armed citizens. The brownshirts in Boston were just lucky they didn't run up against someone with an AR that didn't appreciate their nazi tactics.

Frank W. James said...

Michael, Yes, you have been mentioning the militarization of law enforcement for years but I honestly think that Sheriff Jim Wilson (ret) has been more vocal and ahead of you.

He has made it his campaign (if you will) against SWAT teams, black unifornms (not to mention helicopters) and all the other regalia that we so often associate with 'modern' law enforcement.

I mention this simply because he deserves credit for his stance when he was a bonafide law enforcement officer and said what wasn't popular among his peers.

God Bless you both....

All The Best,
Frank W. James

DamDoc said...

maybe there is hope the Dear Leaders time will be gobbled up trying to put out his Nixonian brush fires.. and Holder now bugging the press?.. hoo baby, this could get interesting to the point that all the oxygen will be sucked out of the second post-election assault on guns we have been bracing for.. hell hath no fury like a press scorned.. we can hope, anyway!

George said...

Wow! It's really ironic conservatives are now up in arms about police state tactics, but were totally cool with it under George W. Bush- Patriot Act anyone?

I have said this for several years now. The Democrats and Republicans are for a powerful central government. It's just one emphasizes the welfare state and the other emphasizes the warfare state. But even that distinction is starting to blur.

Don said...

Conservatives were up in arms about the patriot act only you don't hear much about it because the media doesn't cover conservatives.They only cover Progressive republicans and progressive dem's.I've been trying to warn as many as I can about the militarization of police for as long as I can remember.Probably started back during Bush 41 for me.But I don't have much of a voice,but what I do have I use.Remember too,that the real brown shirts of history were out numbered too.Only good people didn't act.They have always used divide and conquer tactics and I suspect they will keep on doing the same thing till it no longer works.

clark myers said...

Best evidence is Richard Nixon did not use the IRS against the Enemies List - this has been covered recently on the pro-gun blogs a little bit. If there is any evidence no doubt somebody can point it out here. There have been abuses by both parties including some very famous Democrats but apparently the Nixon Enemies list and such were not included in any IRS irregularities.

clark myers said...

very much need to clarify that the podcast is correct about the 2nd article of impeachment The second article of his 1974 impeachment charged him with endeavoring to obtain from the IRS "confidential information contained in income tax returns for purposes not authorized by law, and to cause, in violation of the constitutional rights of citizens, income tax audits or other income tax investigations to be initiated or conducted in a discriminatory manner." the dispute among bloggers is whether the Enemies List was targeted and maybe it was but some say the list was much more limited in effect