Sunday, May 19, 2013


...okay, maybe not ebola, but I do have my annual spring head cold, which I would argue is much worse than ebola since you keep on living and suffering. I'm on my second box of tissues already. Certainly the head cold had something to do with my performance in yesterday's cowboy match, where I was simply unable to find 5th gear, much less overdrive. I eked out 8th place out of 70 against a bunch of pretty good shooters and was happy happy happy to have it. I went back to my .357 competition guns after a month of .44 Russians, which bumped me up a little in speed but ran smack into the head cold.

3-Gun next weekend. I'm planning on shooting the He Man 3-Gun Championships at Whittington end of June (the match is run by my old friend Denise Johnson). That match requires a .308 or 30-06 rifle, a 12 gauge pump shotgun and a .45 ACP pistol. I don't that I can ramp up my Colt LE901 by then — I'm still juggling trigger and scope on that one, not to mention the fact that I'm not exactly rolling in 7.62 match ammo — but I may shoot my 870 and a .45. I was sorta thinking of shooting a FNH. I bought one a few years back after an extended T&E session where I really liked the big gun. Might be fun to shoot it in competition. OTOH, I can always default to a 1911. All I need is a Designated Shooter, and smoebody to carry all that gear around!


nj larry said...

Better bring allergy meds with you when you head to Africa. Good synopsis of season there in this link...

nj larry said...

MB sorry to double post, but just saw this and I'm flabbergasted at the condition Colorado is currently in. Police just ARRESTED THE FREAKING PRESIDENT OF PERAZZI SHOTGUNS ! And then had the cojones to tell him to leave the state pronto when his attorneys got him released !

What in Gods name is going on? You would have to be INSANE to go to this state to hunt or shoot.

jerry from upstate new york said...

little andy cuomo has started the $500.00 turn your buddy in for upstate new yorkers!!

MB: how about a contest for all slave states winner gets a free move to texas or florida! think outdoor channel will go for it??

Jerry The Geek said...

My college water-colors instructor had a mantra which may be applicable here:

"If you can't paint, grow a beard; if you can't grow a beard, use bright colors".

I have changed the interpretation to read: "If you can't shoot, have a really good alibi".

Obviously, you placed well in the finish, which is proof that you have advanced since the 1999 USPSA Area 1 match at Reno; I applaud your progressively better competitive ability, and I intuit that you're just a little bit proud of your success, even if it's not where you would have wished to finish.

And well you should be.



Anonymous said...

If it's spring, it is probably allergies. Face it, you're too tough to be getting "an annual" head-cold. And tissues? Oh the image that conjures....

It's time to cook-up your favorite Southwestern supper. For me, it's any Mexican meat-filled wonder bathed in salsa verde (green chiles) and chipotle salsa (smoked jalapenos) and wrapped in corn tortillas (No fattening flour for this guy!). Serve hot re-fried beans and fried corn with more peppers, garlic and onions on the side. Wash it all down with your favorite tequila. If the meal doesn't bring you to tears and make your nose "run", it ain't hot enough.

'works for me, every year.

Life Member

Michael Bane said...

Hey Jerry the Geek...been a while. Yes, I am proud of how far I've come, especially since back when I shot that Area 1 I actually had...what was that called???? Oh yeah, "leisure time." My old friend Chris Kostman, one of the most accomplished cyclist in America, once wrote that competitors, especially "serious" competitors, tend to be almost totally forward-looking, that is, their focus is relentlessly on what needs to be done for the next event; all past events simply disappear into the memory hole. That is both good and bad. The drawback, Chris said, is that they often lose track of how far they've come, what they have accomplished.

Its a disease I (and probably many of the people who read this blog) are intimately familiar with. Sunday, all drugged up on OTC cold medicine, I found myself lying in bed mentally going through each stage, trying to find where I could pick up the 8 seconds I need to move me to the top. Then, wisely, I decided to make a short post and go to sleep.

Yes, we all have farther to go, but it's always worth stopping to note how far up the hill we've climbed.