Thursday, September 12, 2013

Colorado Takes Out The Trash!

And good riddance to John Morse, one of the most reprehensible individuals I've ever had the misfortune to meet, and to Colorado's own version of "Honey Boo Boo," Angela Giron. You sold out to Michael Bloomberg, you sold out your constituents, you sold out your state. You are liars and without even any sense of ethics. I suggest you both seek asylum in some Third World pesthole, say, Chicago, where your particular brand of political prostitution is valued.

Congrat to the people of Colorado!

Now on to 2014...let's finish this!


Anonymous said...

Some of the best news I heard all week! Thank you Colorado Voters!!!!

DamDoc said...

Next, Governor Pooperscooper in 2014!

Anonymous said...

Quit holding back Micheal.
Tell us how you REALLY feel .
Tom Bogan
Laconia NH

Anonymous said...

As a non-Colorado resident, I have this to offer the "now deposed" congress-persons: "It's the constituents stupid!" As Michael, points out, you can't ignore your constituents and vote for legislation that they don't want. They will not go away! They will send you away and they did!

And the regime's media painted this as "a victory for the gun-lobby". It's a victory for the Constitution! It's a victory for LAW-ABIDING GUN OWNERS! It's a victory for Colorado! Now fill those vacancies with true Patriots.

Stay Strong,
Life Member

johninMd.(help?!?) said...

I am glad for the people of Colorado, and hope the fire is maintained into 2014, and these putrid laws are revoked. But I weep at the fate of my birth state, California, and my current state of Maryland. If I ever swing the cost my happy ass will be in Wyoming or the Dakotas ASAP!!

Anonymous said...

And today I see the DNC is claiming we cheated by making it difficult to vote.

Anonymous said...

Saw the news tonite from Colorado regards the crazy weather. Hope your bunker and loved ones are all ok while you're travling.

Anonymous said...

Make sure NO RINO's are elected to the vacant progressive's seats...the GOP is not what it used to be ..they are just as bad as the progressives.....better yet elect two of your citizens with NO political baggage or funding...grassroots someone you have talked to who is honest and God fearing...and a gun owner

Overload in Colorado said...

Any rain problems at the hidden bunker we can help with?

Waddy said...

Like any trash, some has been missed and will be harder to root out. One Evie Hudack comes to mind, the one who told the rape victim she was not capable of defending herself even if she had a gun. Of course the top needs to go as well, the Governor who many in CO had come to trust, and who decided to jump into the far, extreme left. He is already backpedaling with words, but he has already done his damage, and his words mean nothing any more

Anonymous said...

I saw the Giron interview with CNN where she blamed voter suppression for her loss. It is so cute when little Democrats are just learning to lie.

DamDoc said...

I thought she was going to cry in the CNN interview. I savored every moment of it.... as Jessie would say... "BITCH"

Tim Burke said...

Loved Giron's CNN interview; even CNN is having a hard time with the "voter suppression" ruse. Unfortunately, I haven't heard anyone ask Giron about the suppressed poll done by Public Policy Polling that showed her down by 12%... the exact margin of her defeat. Did the forces of freedom manage to suppress the polling, too?

Sebastian said...

Hickenloser is the next target. He would be the icing on this cake.

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