Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Surviving the Shutdown!

Wow! It sure is scary, but somehow I'm surviving the government shutdown! I feel so lost I'm thinking about spying on myself.

We're in the doldrums about 3 months out of the SHOT Show. Some interesting new accessories — my friends at Daniel Defense have the next iteration of their Lite Rail system. I also like the Precision Rifle Solutions maxi-tripod for shooting. Finally, Bill Wilson has the latest iteration of his superb 1911 magazine, the HD/+P.

More later!


kmitch200 said...

You could have your Sweetie set up across the room with opera glasses and examine everything you type.
You could call it "NSA Lite with Benefits".

Myself, I'm going to endeavor to persevere the shutdown.

Sheepgon said...

I dream that one of these years at SHOT Mossberg will make a lever action shotgun using the 500 as a basis.

Anonymous said...

NSA is probably considered critical function, no furloughs for their staff.