Monday, October 21, 2013

Alf Survives Again!!!

This time, Death From Above! Amazingly, while I was walking the Wonder Beagle today I saw a bald eagle, which migrate through the area of the Secret Hidden Bunker a couple of times a year. The eagle was circling up high when he suddenly dropped like a freight elevator, then made a swooping run above us at telephone pole level. The eagle banked, looped around and came in even lower, so low that even Alf pulled her nose off the ground to watch the bird. Of course, in Alf's World big birds deliver food and are relatively benign playmates.

The eagle apparent decided that Alf was a bit big for dinner and headed off on the thermals. I think the eagle was puzzled by Alf, who was wearing her fashionable holstein cow sweater. So there...doggie fashion as a survival skill!

The eagle was darn cool, though.

We were up on the property of the New Improved Secret Hidden Bunker with the contractor today...the blasting is finished and the house platform looks a little like Europe at the end of WW2. There a 10 foot high wall of blasted granite at the front of the house platform, which I (of course) see as a feature, not a bug! All I need is a couple of arbalests and a moat...and some crocodiles maybe. Boiling oil. The whole medieval package, so to speak. Probably pour the foundation in November, after they finish digging the dungeon and get the iron rings set in the granite.


DamDoc said...

That's it... I am now convinced that Alf needs to get her ccw so she has something to hide under that Holstein vest! Pink gun? IWB? appendix carry?

Anonymous said...

Say the word and the South Florida contingent will start shipping gators your way

CyberRanger said...

The only way gators will be an effective deterrent up here is if you launch them over the wall with a catapult or trebuchet when they are frozen solid. ;-)

bob r said...

I spent 1989 - 1991 on Adak Island, Alaska (<a href=",-176.695862&spn=1.430918,1.903381&t=m&z=9>map</a>).

A friend told me about his dog going a little nutso in the back yard one day. Going out to investigate, he discovered that the neighbor's dog was being eaten by a bald eagle -- not 10 feet away, on the other side of a 3 foot fence, from his dog.
People on Adak *never* let cats roam free and didn't let small dogs out alone if they cared about them -- the eagle population was fairly large up there.

Another friend told of dropping a salmon into a bucket and turning back to the river to cast out again. He heard a rustling behind him and turned back to discover an eagle had confiscated his fish. The bird just looked at him like "what are you going to do about it". Which was pretty much nothing -- leaving aside the legal issues, those birds are pretty damn intimidating: they're bigger than you might think until you get close to one.

bob r said...

Map link).