Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Finished THE BEST DEFENSE Scenarios...

...for next season! Filming went really well. Because we got off to a late start, we had to push it pretty hard on all the shows. As I mentioned on the podcast this AM, several of our scenarios have no "best case, " which is consistent with the Real World crimes on which our scenarios are based.


nj larry said...

Maybe tuck away for a future show, the altercation in NYC over the weekend of bikers vs a husband, wife and 2 year old child in SUV. Hundreds of bikers marauding highways and streets of NYC all day long and no police intervention. The video is pretty frightening.

Don said...

Makes me wonder how that would have turned out if the guy was allowed to carry or even own a defensive firearm.Might have stopped at the first altercation.Maybe not too,you never know.I love the "Best Defense" shows but I was wondering if there would be any more Best Defense Survival shows.I love them too.Great information from both shows and I never miss a show.even in rerun.

Anonymous said...

The last article I read said that LE was able to pick up license plates from traffic video but they were either swapped out or stolen. Is there any law enforcement?

kmitch200 said...

It's a shining democrap utopia.
Why would they need law enforcement?

Will said...

Biased much? Seems like it.

Did you watch the entire video?

With that many bikes, there should be more video coverage from other riders. I saw at least one other helmet mounted camera.

Anyway, it appears (so far, it's early, though) the SUV tried to muscle his way through the group. (wow, bikes going too slow on the road, who'd have imagined that!)

Foolishly, at least one bike tried to slow him down to a crawl, and got booted in the rear tire by the SUV, causing him to fall.

Camera was too far ahead of the action to get a direct view of the details, but for whatever reason, the SUV driver launched hard, driving over several stopped bikes and the riders who were attending to the rider that had fallen. You can clearly see the SUV jump upwards as it passes over people and bikes. He then drives down the road as if everything is normal. What's wrong with this picture?

Deliberately driving into/over people with a vehicle is assault with a deadly weapon, at a minimum, and could be higher.

The riders erred in physically assaulting him. Would have been better if they had just stabbed his tires to fix him in place, until the police arrive. Good chance none had blades, though, seeing where they were heading.

Can't blame them much for what they did, from my perspective. I've had various people try to kill me while riding, for no reason other than I was on a bike. When it is clearly deliberate, the reaction is to return the favor. The resulting conditions or situation tend to make it difficult to follow through, in most cases. If I was still riding, I would have multiple cameras. People who don't ride have no idea how often drivers treat bikes like they are in a bumper car ride at the fair. Because they don't ride, they don't realize that contact with a bike is going to knock them down in almost all cases.

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