Saturday, October 12, 2013

You're Probably All Thinking I Died...

...and I feel sort of dead, too! Spent the first 4 days of the week in Montana at Montana Rifles and Proof Research, the rest of the week (and today,obviously) at GUNSITE. Getting up every day
at zero-dark-thirty and getting back to the hotel just in time to collapse into bed.


To my credit, I think, I only ordered one (count 'em) gun...Montana Rifle is building a .223 bolt gun that, like the Mossberg MVP series, uses AR magazines. I really like their set-up on the mags. The only custom feature I asked for was a scout scope rail, and they said no problemo. I'm unlikely to see the gun until after SHOT.

Proof is...impressive...very, very impressive. I believe their carbon fiber-wrapped barrels do have the potential to change the game. Almost 50% lighter and crazy accurate. A lot of the proprietary technology I'm not even allowed to talk to you about, but you'll see a lot of it on SHOOTING GALLERY 1st quarter next year. The carbon fiber/Kevlar stocks are crazy light and crazy strong. One of those might be in my future for the FNH long range project.

At GUNSITE, we were doing a special event we put together. I spent some time with my friend Martin Tuason from Armscor/Rock Island...the .22 Mag 1911s are ready and waiting for magazines...expanded range of 10mm Commander-length guns....22 TCM rifles hung up waiting on wood for stocks...ammo lines running like crazy. I'll have some of my interview with Martin on the podcast next week.

Also got to spend some quality time with my old friend Tim Wegner from Blade-Tech, mostly swapping lies.

Next week is Zero-To-Hero with Gabe Suarez on red-dot pistols!!!!!

Will try to be a little more efficient on posting?


Anonymous said...

10mm! Yes! As everyone knows, I'm a 10mm devotee! I'm waiting for a semi-auto' carbine that we can own. A suppressed version would be a game-changer. Put it next to a Glock 20 ( I can't believe that a S&W 1006 owner would say that!) that shares magazines and it would be a winning combination.

Please, would one of the AR gun makers give it a go?

Life Member

C J said...

How about a bolt gun using AR10 mags?
Mossberg? Anyone?

Anonymous said...

Mossberg announced just such a beast at SHOT 2013 using KAC/DPMS/PMag pattern magazines.

In August the local distributor said no date was known for availability.