Sunday, November 10, 2013

Completely Boring Computer Stuff

I upgraded phones to an iPhone 5s...of course my GPS turn-by-turn no longer works. Well, I'll torture it into submission tomorrow. The Sweetie and I slept late late late today, and as a consequence I feel...oh, what is that word??? Ph yeah, rested. I could get used to this, except that it's time to start the serious run to the SHOT Show. And Glock still refuses to tell me what their super deluxe new product intro is going to be! Maybe a Glock coffee grinder?

After just a few shots I've convinced myself to keep the Ruger SR-776 and shoot Heavy Metal all next year. Couple of immediate changes — Geissele 3-Gun trigger and some sort of muzzle brake replacing the perfectly serviceable flash-hider. I'm think an AAC brake with an eye toward a single solution to silencing my growing horde of .30 cals. I mean, if everything had the same muzzle brake/ratchet-on suppressor mount, I could move a single can to whatever I was shooting at the time.

BTW, while I was getting ready for recording Wednesday's podcast, I came across this gem on a site titled "Facts Are Facts:"
The modern, rhythmic music that we like and don’t particularly want to give up wasn’t exactly inspired by one of the seven heavens. English musician and mystic Cyril Scott—who was among other things a pupil of the “Masters of Wisdom” known as “Mahatmas”—wrote in his inspired book Music—Its Secret Influence Throughout the Ages about the forerunners to rock ‘n’ roll and their effects on society: “After the dissemination of Jazz, which was definitely ‘put through’ by the Dark Forces, a very marked decline in sexual morals became noticeable. Whereas at one time women were content with decorous flirtation, a vast number of them are now constantly preoccupied with the search for erotic adventures, and have thus turned sexual passion into a species of hobby.
Damn! I knew that Negro music was sexing up the womenfolk! Now I have proof. Admit it, doesn't Miley Cyrus make a lot more sense now?

And speaking of the womenfolk. they're doing a lot more hunting these days. National Geographic says the number of women hunters is up 25% since 2006:
One male hunter, Fred Williams, speaking to NPR, says, “"women tend to be actually better hunters because they tend to be a bit more patient, and oftentimes are a much better shot, because they tend to be a bit more focused." 
In Wyoming, Marilyn Kite, the state’s first female state Supreme Court justice, helped come up with the idea of the Women’s Antelope Hunt. 
"We've found it to be just great recreation, lots of fun, and the camaraderie of it is why you do it, really," Kite told NPR. "But we also really like the meat."


David said...

First of all, I would buy a Glock coffee grinder, just because. (I don't even grind my own coffee)

And no universe whatsoever does Miley Cyrus make any sense at all.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the coffee grinder will be in the buttstock of their new rifle.