Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Reports are circulating that Michael Bloomberg shill Evie "Constituents? Screw em!" Hudak has resigned from the Colorado Senate rather than face a recall election she seemed destined to lose. Rumors have been swirling around Denver that panicked Democrats would force Hudak, whose sour demeanor is on par with that of a decomposing sea slug, to resign, allowing the appointment of another Democrat to the vacated slot rather than see the Dems lose control of the Colorado Senate.

Personally, I would have rather seen her dragged into the sunlight of an election, which has a cleansing effect on things that crawl from beneath rocks. But victory is victory — gun forces are 3 for 3 in knocking off Bloomberg's little playmates.

And a personal message to Colorado Democrats...2014 is coming, and we have long memories. To those of you Dems who whispered in my ear while I was at the State House that Michael Bloomberg has promised to punish defectors with a Bloomberg-financed primary challenge from the Left, but that he unconditionally promised he could protect those who voted with him...what do you think of Bloomie now? Even John "I Almost Had A Future" Hickenlooper has asked his buddy Bloomberg to stay out of Colorado politics. 

I'm especially looking forward to visiting Rep. Mike McLachlan's Durango district. If you recall, when McLachlan ran he assured the people of Colorado and his district that he supported the Second Amendment. In the debacle in the Colorado House, he even gave a little speechie-poo about how much the Second Amendment meant to him, THEN HE PERSONALLY INSISTED ON A 15-ROUND MAGAZINE CAPACITY CAP AND SPEARHEADED RAMMING THE BILL THROUGH! Our plan is to do a heavily publicized free training event in Durango during election season an make sure the truth about Mike McLachlan makes it to every nook and cranny.

You may remember the wretched Senator Evie Hudak in the Colorado gun law battles earlier this year, who couldn't even bring herself to be gracious to rape victim Amanda Collins. She also publicly claimed that all of the antigun bills were "written in Colorado," even though we had Bloomberg "boilerplate." She has been caught at legislative hearings posting to FaceBook and Twitter and looking at Patrick Swayze's ass (I can't make this stuff up!).

Let's sum it up:

• Hudak refused to listen to her constituents on opposing gun control because she was apparently too busy looking at Michael Bloomberg's ass to due her Constitutional duty.
• She lied about the antigun bills being "written in Colorado."
• Her performance with Amanda Collins, who has more guts in her little finger than Evie Hudak has apparently even experienced in her whole miserable life, should have caused Hudak to step down. But like her mentor in the White House, she has neither the honor nor the respect for the office which she holds to do so.

So let's send her home. RECALL EVIE HUDAK has until 3 December to collect enough signatures to force another vote, and it's going very well. If you are not in her district (Colorado SD19) and can't sign the petition, at the very least donate to the legal battle.

There has been some really nasty stuff in this recall, all from the Left, including death threats and dirty tricks. The reason is that a successful recall of Hudak will swing the balance in the Colorado Senate!

Time for you to go, Evie!


Darrell said...

I've heard that if enough signatures are gathered to put her recall on the ballot, The Dems in charge will have her resign rather than face the election. That way the governor can just appoint another Dem in her place.

George said...

I just sent my modest donation. Good luck Colorado!

DamDoc said...

Hudak exemplifies Rush's undeniable truth #24

24. Feminism was established so as to allow unattractive women access to the mainstream of society.

James said...


Bitter has a post up quoting a ColoradoPeakPolitics.com article on rumors of Hudak finally realizing which way the wind is blowing. I eagerly await the Democrats' disarray.

Now if CO could finally get Hudak's seat away from those statists, things would be looking a lot better.

James said...

Update: Denver Post is now saying Hudak is about to resign.

Good riddance.

gunman42782 said...

Good riddance!

Anonymous said...

On his Thanksgiving-eve show, Bill O'Reilly stood up to an anti-gun zealot who attempted to use the show's "Talking Points" segment on why people ARE NOT happy with the state of the country as a platform to lobby for more gun control.

Bill had the much respected, conservative and self reliance preaching psychiatrist Dr. Keith Ablow, along with another more liberal psychiatrist Dr. Gail Saltz on the show to discuss the topic.

Dr. Ablow discussed the fact that Americans feel that they are losing control of their lives, along with having their rights and freedoms diminished as the basis for their frustration and feelings of helplessness; among other things. All of this is caused, he feels, by a government that is getting too big and controlling.

Dr. Saltz wasted no time in jumping right to stating that Americans are unhappy because of all of the gun violence such as mass-shootings like "Sandy Hook", and that they want more gun control! Bill wasted no time in slapping her down. He was very firm on it and cut her right off. He explained why she is wrong. He also re-slapped her in his concluding comments. Bravo Bill.

Here's a link to read the summary under "Talking Points Memo and Top Story/The Factor", at Bill O'Reilly-dot-com. You can also watch the segment.


"I don't agree with Bill O'Relly often, but when I do, I REALLY do."

Life Member

P. S.: Happy Thanksgiving all!