Monday, November 11, 2013

Veterans Day, 2013

And in the nights of winter, 
When the cold north-winds blow, 
And the long howling of the wolves 
Is heard amidst the snow; 
When round the lonely cottage
Roars loud the tempest’s din, 
And the good logs of Algidus 
Roar louder yet within; 

When the oldest cask is opened, 
And the largest lamp is lit;
When the chestnuts glow in the embers, 
And the kid turns on the spit; 
When young and old in circle 
Around the firebrands close; 
When the girls are weaving baskets,
And the lads are shaping bows; 

When the goodman mends his armor, 
And trims his helmet’s plume; 
When the goodwife’s shuttle merrily 
Goes flashing through the loom;
With weeping and with laughter 
Still is the story told, 
How well Horatius kept the bridge 
In the brave days of old.

My everlasting thanks to all of you who have held the bridge, stood between those of us at home and anarchy. 

God bless you all.

Remembering Robert R. Bane, USN, who served in the Pacific, WW2...and the flag was still there...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for reminding me of the Macauley poem, I had it read at me at school in UK, most apropos for the day.

Rastus said...

Thanks for the post honoring vets. I remembered my Dad, James E. Fayard, 321st Recon 81st Division Peleliu and 10th Army Okinawa Shuri Castle.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for remembering Michael. My naval arms from the .45 pistols, M-14s, M2 .50s, 25mm chain gun, M60 machine gun, and my favorite the two 5"/54cal radar guided guns gave me a real appreciation of firepower (in 1991). Now I teach basic pistol and permit to carry weapons classes to increase our numbers. See you at next years NRA meeting for a beer! Pat