Tuesday, November 19, 2013

One Last Grilled Salmon

Spent the afternoon writing up 2 executive summaries, one for a  30--minutes special on the Philippine typhoon disaster, the other for a new 2014 series I've been noodling on. Then I had totally wonderful remaining afternoon putting the snow tires (Bridgestone Blizzaks, the best snow tires I've ever used) on my aging Honda Element, lovingly referred to as the "Boxcar." Afterwards, I grilled some salmon outside on the, since big time snow is on the way and grill days are ending.

Interesting study referred to in U.S. News on violence in Chicago:
Typically, Papachristos says, there are traditional factors that put a person at a higher risk of becoming a victim of gun violence homicide - African-Americans are more likely to be killed than whites; men more likely than women; gang members more likely than non-gang members; and those who come from low-income neighborhoods more likely than affluent individuals. 
But even more than any of those factors, Papachristos says, a victim's social network was a better indicator
Let me be clear here...if you 're a member of a gang in the Thug Life Paradise of the Windy City, you're about a zillion times more likely to end up inside a chalk outline than not. Wow, let's think about that...if the city of Chicago cracked down on gangs, it would save lives. But the gangs are quite simply part of the power structure, no different than the City Council or the police department. That scumbag Rahm Emanuel rails on and on about guns. Bought and sold.

So remember John Farnam's world-class advice for staying safe in an unsafe world: "Don't go stupid places and do stupid things with stupid people." This is a good summary.

BTW, if you want to read something from a person with the IQ of a endangered frog, check out this piece from HuffPo titled " Have a Right to Hate Guns." Hey Tom, I hope you don't mind when  say I have a right to have your stupid butt. Your ramblings are pretty much on par with a BB rattling around a empty container...have you every considered immigrating to, say, Somalia? Or maybe Chicago...you could be a Vice Lord, or a Latin King, or an Insane Satan Disciple, or even a City Councilman!


JohninMd.(too late?!??) said...

No, he couldn't, Mike - all those positions require _SOME_ intelligence or cunning....

Anonymous said...

I call my Element the "Baby Hummer".

Matthew said...

Any time someone trots out the "...'X' times more likely to be shot by or shoot a family member or friend..." I like to point out that "friend" in all those studies includes criminal associates and acquaintances, and all those thugs and no-good-niks have family members.

The "typical" victim and perpetrators referenced in those studies are not the Partridge Family or Anne of Avonlea-type "bosom companions."

Tim Craft said...

Ahh, tires….takes me back to my rally days. And while Blizzaks are very good, I still prefer Nokians.