Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Against All Odds...

...I got the podcast done! I feel like I've been running through mud all day...I think it's one too many sheets of drywall. I'm stymied in a bunch of projects by small parts, so I sat down today and tried to order all the little pieces to actually finish something. I talked to my friend Andy Langlois at Andy's Leather about the sling and magazine pouches for the Browning BLR project...Andy is the creator and moderator of the Scout Rifle Forum, which I have relentlessly raided for info, and he's going to be doing a piece for us on DRTV. He's doing a Rhodesian sling for the BLR, BTW.

Am pretty interested in the SilencerCo Salvo 12 gauge silencer...shades of NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN! Shotgun silencers are, to me, problematic...questionable noise suppression in exchange for a big measure of unwieldy. So the SilencerCo can be a breakthrough. Be interesting to test it.

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