Friday, July 18, 2014


A surprisingly large number of people, including a good friend, are taken with the Browning BLR lever action rifle project. This makes me think that you may see the final project on SHOOTING GALLERY as well as DRTV. Got the Negrini gun case for the project this week.

My Wiley Clappy Ruger GP-100 is coming back from Gemini Custom next week. I've decided to focus my non-cowboy training on the GP-100 for next year's ICORE championships. I sucked so hard this year -- and, yes, you get to see it on SG! -- that I want to strive for some kind of redemption. I'm going to make a few changes to my competition GP-100 to get it to 100%...I also plan to use the revolver in IDPA...I'll probably shoot the Worlds in Puerto Rico, so Tom Yost will have someone to make fun of.

Magnum Research is offering a .22 LR version of their superb .22Magnums:
Pomona, NY – USA based, Magnum Research, Inc. (MRI) has once again expanded their Magnum Lite® rimfire rifle product line with the introduction of the MLR Ultra 22LR with a high-tech modular tensioned-type barrel. 
The modular barrel means that it has been constructed utilizing a superior quality of steel for the barrelwhich is attached to stainless steel breech and muzzle caps inside a thin-walled aluminum construction. The Ultra barrel took over a year to develop internally at Magnum Research and was extensively tested utilizing a variety of ammunition. When tested for accuracy against similarly constructed barrels, the Ultra barrel outshoots them significantly. Part of the reason for this is the patented heat sink located strategically inside the Ultra barrel itself.

While I have no direct experience, those tensioned barrels have a reputation of being wicked accurate. When I talked to MR a while back, I told them I'd love to see a .22 LR version. Hope to have a T&E soon!

Also for general cool .22 stuff, this from Jerking The Trigger, AGP Arms has a bunch of totally cool 10/22 stuff, including a take-down conversion. I kinda like the orange!


Anonymous said...

I'm fortunate to live not far from Gemini Custom homebase and call Marc and Karen "friends." Marc has laid hands on some of my "J" frames and a SP 101. I cannot tell you how proud I am to have pieces of his work in my collection. I think you'll be very happy with your Gemini Custom GP 100. regards, Alemaster

Norm said...

Is much many interested in the evolution of the BLR, especially the scout-style scope mounting and the BUIS configuration. Now that Nikon has a 2.5-8X SCout scope, I'm seeing some terrific potential lurking in my .308 version.

Still needs larger magazines, though, so I hope you'll pursue that as well. I can't believe that a quality mag maker (hello, MecGar....) isn't able to make a 7-8 rounder for about the same price as Browning wants for a 3-round box, even given the limited sales volume potential.

Eric said...

Are you still planning on bringing the GP-100 to Gunsite in November?