Friday, July 25, 2014

Liars, Damn Liars and Fools

Of course I'm speaking of Colorado legislators. This from AP:
DENVER (AP) — A law expanding background check requirements on Colorado gun sales has been in effect for about a year, and an Associated Press analysis of state data compiled during that span shows the projected impact was vastly overstated in a key budget report. 
The discovery has prompted a prominent Democratic lawmaker to question whether the Legislature misallocated millions of taxpayer dollars based on the flawed estimate, which has provided an opportunity for Republicans to resume attacks over regulation that already has come at great political cost to Colorado liberals.
Read the whole thing. It turns out the "40% of gun sales are 'unregulated'" meme was just another flat-out lie from the Bloomberg shills so beloved by Governor John Hickenlooper. Wow! Color me surprised! Here's more, from ABC News:
Catherine Mortensen, a spokeswoman for the National Rifle Association, said that using the 40 percent figure as a basis for Colorado's projection "calls into question lawmakers' access to accurate information on not only this, but all firearms-related legislation."
In total, there were about 311,000 background checks done during the first year of the expansion in Colorado, meaning the 13,600 checks between private sellers made up about 4 percent of the state total. 
Further, the private review figure includes the number of checks done at gun shows, which have been required for years in Colorado. The law also requires checks for online sales, which is new for transactions within Colorado. But such vetting was already required on interstate sales. 
Still, interstate activity is tallied in the private background check total.
Taken together, this indicates that the number of newly mandated background checks that have been performed is even lower than 13,600.
What happens when you listen to a nasty little fascist.

It was all a lie!

The numbers hand-delivered by Bloomberg...the hugely slanted Denver Post poll that Democrats waved like a bloody shirt...the testimony from Bloomberg's fake was all a lie!

November is coming...

Make the bastards pay.


Overload in Colorado said...

I'd be interested in knowing how many of those 13600 were gun show private sales. Do they know how many were done in the previous year before the law came into effect? Assume a similar percentage.

The other possibility is that people are ignoring the law, either due to ignorance or willfully.

The article also mentions requiring background checks for online sales, but I believe another law banned online sales. Or online listings, or something.

Oh, HB1228 added a $10 for each background check. Might that be what paid for the new employees mentioned in the article?

nj larry said...

Back to reality. Everyone is lying. Pro-gun will push that NY, CT, MD laws are being ignored by 90% of gun owners. So why should we believe these numbers reflect truth? After all the vitriol in Colorado I am expected to believe that 100% of the gun owners are gonna honor laws they detest?

I personally don't give a darn anymore what all the professional mouthpieces say on either side. I know what I believe and what I will obey or .... not. That's all that matters to me.

Rastus said...

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Vince Warde said...

While it is likely the some transactions were done illegally without a background check, gun owners typically obey such laws and challenge them in the courts. After all, they have a lot to loose if they are convicted of a crime...