Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Wednesday? Really? When Did That Happen?

Marshal Halloway and I filmed Monday and Tuesday for DRTV. Monday, we filmed with our friends from Burris, going through the product line (you can hear all about it on today's podcast, along with a really cool song from Batmobile, the greatest Dutch psychobilly group in history). This is after 2 days of building our parrots' outdoor flight cage, which they absolutely love. Two days working with fencing, gloves or not, means my hands look like I stuffed them into a disposal unit.

Tuesday we covered a bunch of stuff for DRTV, included my work-in-process Browning BLR .223 takedown and...pause for effect...our first giveaway gun in a long time on DRTV! We had to work out the details of giveaways withOC's new management, but now we're good to go. I don't know when I can announce the rifle we're giving away, but, if you'd like a hint, you can spell it R*U*G*E*R & J*P*R*I*F*L*E*S & B*U*R*R*I*S & W*I*L*D*E*R*N*E*S*S*T*A*C*T*I*C*A* didn't hear it here! But remember, DRTV Forum members get entered twice!

Got a bunch of new guns to pick up next guys will be excited.

I was going to be sneaky and use a J.P. 9mm carbine at Crimson Trace next month...unfortunately, CT issued a rules clarification that specifically prohibited pistol caliber carbines...sigh. I'm going to use the Daniel Defense carbine I used last year with a Burris MTAC 1-4X illuminated. Same Versa Max and Ruger SR9, which I am considering cleaning before the match.

I've been working with my Sweetie and her brother to get them ready for their Project Appleseed event in a month or so. She'd going to use my .22 Spike's/JP AR that I used to get my Rifleman patch (unless, of course, her very own .22 AR materializes...quiet! Tell no one!). It's been fun! Marshal and I have been putting together the details of filming an Internet documentary on Project Appleseed for both DRTV and another major Internet site you'd recognize in a heartbeat. We want to roll the cameras before the end of the summer.


tablekiller said...

Outstanding! Pod people, love gun giveaways!

Dan said...

Pictures of said BLR?

DamDoc said...

question: is the secret bunker in one of those roadless ares of colorado that snowplow is talking about? And how 'bout Governor Chickenpooper shooting pool with "the one"? Interesting times!

anonymous said...

Appleseed was the best time & money I ever spent on training.

2 days, $60 and a little extra cash once I realized how important a USGI sling is for the course.