Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Big Moose; Little Dog; Big Gun

I know it's a crummy iPhone pix, but check out this mack daddy moose hiding out up near the old Secret Hidden Bunker...really nice rack on the old boy. Would sure look good on the wall...LOL!

BTW, Newt is as rambunctious as a 6-month old puppy is supposed to be. Here she is with part of her massive pine cone collection.

She reminds me of my chows, always testing to see who's really the pack leader. So far, I'm winning, but it's a close thing.

Finally, while I'm cleaning pictures off the phone, here's the SHBDos Afternoon Walking Around Gun, the .454 Ruger Alaskan. The rounds in the 5 Star speed loader (and in the gun) are Winchester 260-hr hollow-points. The extra ammo in the Simply Rugged holster are Corbon 335s, in ace I'm jumped by a velociraptor driving a dump truck.


Overload in Colorado said...

How would the Alaskan do against that moose? I assume moose are the biggest, meanest things you'd encounter up there.

Anonymous said...

That's a huge moose, we don't have anything like that here in suburban CT. That 454 is too much gun for me, I haven't fired anything heavier than a 44 magnum. I love the holster, Simply Rugged makes wonderful stuff. I look forward to eventually trying their holsters.

Vince Warde said...

Does Colorado have a Moose season? I would love to fill the freezer - and if I could do so that close to home all the better!

Michael Bane said...

Overload..I was once hunting moose in Montana with Hank Wiiliams Jr. Just as we were losing shooting shooting light he whacked a huge moose...he was using 255-grain Keith bullets hotted up out of a .44 Magnum Blackhawk.

Moose dropped like he'd been hit with a missile from a drone ( 90 yards by my pacing). Took forever to drag the damned thing out of a frozen swamp!

So, yes, the .454 Alaskan would do the deed on Mr. Moose. I'd use the Corbons.

I believe there is a limited moose hunting season in some areas of Colorado. Check out Fishn& Wildlife for details.

Simply Rugged is a great holster. Can't recommend them enough...


Anonymous said...

I like the Simply Rugged holster too, but I think that they cut the belt slots too close to the outer stitching which allows (on some of my older and no-longer-used holsters) to droop away from my belt. I'd prefer to have the cuts closer to the inner stitch-ring. That also allows more leather outside of the slots to smooth-out the lay of the holster under the belt.

On my most often used holsters (Galco), with the cuts towards the inner stitches, my guns stay close to my body, where I want them. In some pictures of Simply Rugged holsters, I think one that was on this web sight, the cuts were actually into the stitch-line and the gun was hanging on the threads. I recall pointing that out too.

If I buy a holster from Simply Rugged, and I well may, I'm going to ask that they send it without their cuts so that I can cut my own. For that design holster, I'll even pay full price without the cuts. I think that they have a good product, but not exactly what I want.

Respectfully of course,
Life Member

Anonymous said...

Simply Rugged are my favorites. Aside from their outstanding holsters, what elevates them into rarified air are their commitments to customer satisfaction and service; important causes; and their integrity. Jan and Rob are top notch, as is their whole team.


Anonymous said...

re: moose hunting. Classic saying on the topic - "the fun stops when the moose drops".


Home on the Range said...

She's a great looking little dog. My rescue, who I got a couple month after you and I talked, after we both lost our dogs about the same time, is doing great Abby Normal Johnson, adjusting well, but so far only retrieving her Angry Bird toy.

Best to you, and drop me a line if you want an autographed copy of TBOB.

KMitch200 said...

6 months already? Nice.
My goldens at 6 months were FUN!
Larger than *they* realized or could control but fun.

Anonymous said...

A moose once bit my sister...

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tablekiller said...

I am a big fan of revolvers and I love the Boomers! So, Thanks to Michael Bane, the Alaskan is now on my to buy list!