Tuesday, September 02, 2014


Traveling, and pretending to be a television producer.

Will have gun reviews up next week...have to abduct a child tomorrow...even writing it sounds icky...


Anonymous said...


You probably have your own ideas, and written it already, but here is one that you might be able to borrow from that really happened to my wife and I.

In a store at a strip mall. Your wife is carrying your 2 week old son in the carrier seat, when she is approached by a woman. The woman begins asking questions that a normal person would not ask if you did not know them. My instinct buzzers are going off, so is my wife's. You see woman converge with a man, and you overhear a brief snippet about money. They both leave, and a bit later you notice a car has pulled up in front of the store an is loitering. Woman from earlier gets out, comes in store near door. As you are paying for your stuff, you notice her leave, get in car, and wait with the car door open...

Luckily nothing went further. My wife was armed, so am I. I took my son in my left arm (right arm clear). We exited the building looking ready.. the car door started to swing open, then abruptly shut and the car pulled away quickly. End of encounter..

Was anything going to happen?? We will never know. Did we handle it correctly?? I don't know that either.


Unknown said...


Be careful with this filming. This http://youtu.be/UfDOGh9rhxs was filmed in my home town. A community of 17,000 with 45% CCP licensed. The video does not show the armed locals stopping the van before word got out the abduction was faked. Oh, and main-stream media never mentioned community response either although they were quick to jump on the outrage bandwagon.