Friday, September 05, 2014

Winter Is Coming

It's 47 degrees, socked in and misting rain here at the Secret Hidden Bunker. Not the greatest day for solar power, but we've got a pretty efficient system...not a day to run a lot of appliances! 

Or a day at the range, for that matter. Hopefully, the heavy weather will break late this afternoon, and I'll be able to hit a cowboy match this weekend. No 3-Gun or revolver on anybody's schedule.
I'm gald to see CCI "Tactical" .22LR apparently back in the world...I don't know whether CCI has done a run or if some of the hoarded ammo trickled out. I was skeptical when this stuff came out in 2011, thought it was a marketing ploy for the then screaming-hot black rifle market. However, it shot extremely well out of my 2 .22LR hole groups for my primary gun, which we used in SHOOTING GALLERY to win my Appleseed "Rifleman" patch. Quite honestly, I'm going to pick up a case if I can. If not, I'll "stem and seed" it, to use Colorado terminology.

I strongly recommend you visit Bearing Arms and read Bob Owens' report on the GUNSITE 250 class. As you know, I have unconditionally recommended the 250 class to everyone who carries a gun. It is the baseline against which all other training is measured. If you take no other class, take this one.

I also note that, sadly, Tam has pulled the plug on her blog, A View from the Porch, because of long-term cyber-stalking. She left the site up for the archives. I know Tam personally, and she has struck me as a person of both great knowledge on guns and strong personal honor. We have not always agreed, but hey, that's normal. She deserves better than being run off the Internet by some A-hole in his mommy's basement.


Miguel said...

47 degrees? Who did you pay off to get such cool weather?
Love & Kisses from 92 degree Miami :)

Michael Bane said...

Well, it was almost 100 in Tulsa earlier this week!


Tam said...

Thank you for the kind words. :)

kmitch200 said...

Well here in The Valley of Eternal Sun AZ where it's 5 deg above normal, all I can say is - I hate you Michael.
(normal being just this side of Satan's taint)

I'll get my revenge when the real cold hits and I'll be thinking, "Gee, I might wear pants today." ;)

Anonymous said...

Colorado terms", isn't it "seed, stem and smoke it"? ;)

Life Member

Anonymous said...

This may be appropriate