Sunday, September 07, 2014

Well, Heck!

I managed to get in a cowboy match yesterday and shot like complete crap for the first 2 stages. I'd made the decision to push myself on speed in this match (after all, no one is going to win a Cadillac, or even a Yugo). And push myself at did, right over the edge. I imagine my friend Caleb Giddings would tell me that's a good thing, since I now clearly know where the edge is, but it still sucks. I really thought I could hold myself together at that speed, but nyet! LOL! I actually had a fast run on the second stage, but managed to prove conclusively that you can't point shoot a rifle even if the target's only 12 yards away.

I did manage to get things put together by the end of the match, turning in a 25 seconds run on the last stage (10 pistol; 10 rifle; 4 shotgun), 3 seconds off the winning pace. was fun, as always.

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