Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Ruger On The Record

Just to clear things up...from Mike Fifer, CEO of Ruger, on an article circulating on numerous media outlets and firearm blogs suggesting that Ruger gave a"war  reception" to the antigun clown show seeking to promote smart guns:.
Our General Counsel met them inside our front entryway, said I was not present (I was actually out of the building at a meeting when they showed up), accepted their envelope addressed to me, said goodbye to them and that was the end of it. They left.

Perhaps "warm reception" is a relative description. While we disagree with their methods and specifics, there is little to be gained by being rude to them (which they might have preferred, given that they had Channel 3 news cameras with them). They also behaved well, did not make a fuss, and quietly left. It was a non-event, in spite of their goal of gaining publicity.
Best regards,
Mike Fifer
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KevinC said...

Wait, are you saying that I don't have million dollars waiting for me in a bank in Burkina Faso?!?

CR Cobb said...

KevinC. "Like".
And I really appreciate Mike Fifer's response to the pro-gun-grag media spin. Once again, he shows himself to be a straight shooter.

Anonymous said...

No, we don't believe everything that we read on the internet. That's why we follow you Michael. We came to you for the answer, since you would know, with your affiliation with Ruger

Thanks for the follow-up. That's what separates you from the rest of the pack.

Life Member

P. S.; Your apology for the sarcasm is accepted. That was an apology written in red, wasn't it?

Kmitch200 said...

You mean if I read it on the internet it might not be TRUE??


Damn you Al Gore!

Anonymous said...

I believe everything I read on the internet.
Just as soon as I verify it from at least one other source.
Tom B.

DamDoc said...

Time to buy another Ruger...

JD said...

Thank God I read a little deeper into your post. I was trying to figure out what a "war reception" was.... For a fleeting moment, I envisioned Ruger employees raining down on the anti-gunners with sustained fire from SR-556's and SR-762's!

Mike Fifer has been in my store twice in the last year. He is truly a class act and you can trust what he says. That's right, he is NOT a politician!

Walt Kuleck said...

If I weren't retired, I'd be looking for a job with Mike at Ruger. He's quite a guy, both professionally and personally.

ELIMN8U said...

Thanks for the real story behind this Michael!

Anonymous said...

Overload in Colorado:

Or is it just that years of research and work behind the scenes is now paying great dividends - along with listening to the market.

Ruger may now be able to better respond to the market with their patented processes, more modern CNC equipment, etc., etc.

Michael Bane said...

Honestly, Ruger is the most sophisticated company I've ever worked with when it comes to understanding and translating consumer "wants" into hardware. The American bolt gun is a case in point...if you had asked me if the works was really looking for a new inexpensive bolt gun, I'd have laughed and laughed (actually, they did ask me, and I think I snorted rather than laughed). I was, like, 100% wrong.

I have some additional Ruger new products that'll be released before SHOT, and they truly rock!

If everything you read on the Internet was truly true, the world would be populated by "barely" 18-year-old bisexual women whose names always end with a "y" and who "really, really like older gentlemen and don't mind a little extra weight!!!!! XOX!!!!"

Plus, I'm still a little pissed off about my fortune languishing in Nigeria...


Anonymous said...

Agree totally. The web just publishes lies. Read article that Ruger had terrible downturn financially. What nonsense. Thanks to MB info everyone should be buying their stock !


Vince Warde said...

Indeed, there is NOTHING to be gained by being rude. We have actually won over tons of people by being reasonable - and this is no time to change our approach.

Furthermore, the NRA and people in the industry have made it clear that they are not opposed to the development of "smart gun" technology - merely laws that make it mandatory. Some of the people developing the tech have taken the same position. The position these people are taking isn't far off from that position.