Saturday, September 19, 2015

Suck It Up, Buttercup!

Boy, it is a magnificent late summer day here at the Bunker! A cool, gin-clear, I-can't-imagine-living-anywhere-else day.

Met with the orthopedic surgeon last week, and he confirmed the right knee is slagged and will require a complete knee replacement…there goes my dream career as a place-kicker! Not a surprise. We set the surgery date for mid-November, which'll give me rehab over the holidays. I should be greased and ready to kick ass at SHOT.

The doc did okay cycling and hiking in the lead-up to the surgery — cycling will be  a big part of the rehab — and I got out for an hour loop yesterday on the road bike. The knee actually feels pretty good, which, as the doctor noted, is the cortisone and the nighttime low-level painkillers. "It's not getting better," he said. "It just feels better."

Well, there you are.

I have a private student tomorrow, who'll be working with .22/9mm ARs on my long challenge course. I spent a long time on the range today painting steel and resetting targets…range looks really spiffy, BTW.


Mike Burbank said...

Exercise is the best thing that you can do post op. Do what PT tells you to do and then do 10% more. Do not overdo it for 3-6 months. Best of Luck
Mike Burbank RN

Unknown said...

Ask for a an Oxinium prosthetic instead of cobalt-chrome. IT holds up better with means fewer revisions as you age.

Anonymous said...

Getting older isn't for pussies!

At 60 YO, I have a barking right hip and bursitis in my right elbow, thanks to the gym. And mama just had her knee tuned up.

We're working pretty hard trying to use up our mortal vessels before we drop dead. It sounds like you are too, Michael.

And you young kids, stop laughing, you'll be here soon enough.

PlzenPlinker said...

I'm sure you will, but please update on the whole process. I'm 46 and I need one knee now, but the doc says it will end my career. Three years from today I can pension out and maybe think about it. My dad had both done, better results from number two as he did 'pre-hab' which I suspect is what you do anyway!

PlzenPlinker said...

It's 10:41, my coffee's all gone and my knee hurts now...

Future hit?

SiGraybeard said...

The Bike Is Your Friend.

Your doc and therapist will probably have you on a (computerized resistance) stationary bike within a day or two. Getting those muscles prepared will be pure gold in the vault. As a former triathlete, etc., that experience will help you better than anything.

Jerry said...

You need to start thinking about what tat you'll want to get to cover the scar. Maybe something from Sailor Jerry's portfolio.

KMitch200 said...

Now that is GOOD news! Michael gets to walk without pain!!
As I've told you many times before, you're gonna kick your own ass you didn't do this 5 years ago.

Snarky357, I was back to full duty on my firetruck in 12 weeks - 3 months.
(replaced at age 43 - it will be 15 years ago this Jan) I worked for another 9 years on the truck before I retired.
Your doc may be a bit on the too conservative side.

George said...
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George said...

If I could offer some usolicited, unconventional advice for rehabbing your knee, I suggest contacting Mark Rippetoe. Rip, as he is known, owns a gym in Wichita Falls, Texas. He wrote a book titled Starting Strength Basic Barbell Training, which is considered an exhaustive source on strength training. Before I met him in person, I called out to his gym and asked to speak to him concerning a lift I was working on. I was told he wasn't there but they would give him the message. I thought that was the end of it, but to my surprise he called me back and spoke to me for several minutes and got me squared away. I think you will like him a bunch. In fact, he would be a good subject matter expert for one of your Best Defense shows dealing with physical fitness.

For your knee he will tell you to do back squats, which is the exact opposite of what your surgeon and physical therapist will tell you to do. But I can attest from personal experience dealing with an injured knee, squats actually help strengthen your knee.

Best of Luck!
George Cook

Michael Bane said...

George, tat's advice I'm gong to take! Thank you…


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