Monday, March 21, 2016

Another Grinder of a Day...

…after a grinder of a day on Sunday, doing AMERICAN MARKSMAN stuff down at Centennial Gun Club down in Denver. In fact, this whole week is grinder…we start filming the mass casualty event on Thursday. I think most of the millions of moving parts are in place. We'll see.

Remember, 9AM Saturday morning, the Pulliam Bldg., 245 Cleveland St., Loveland CO. All the filming is indoors, so rain, snow, hail, apocalyptic volcano eruptions, we're good to go.

Did I mention that the MAIN MONSTER HUNTER HIMSELF, LARRY CORREIA, will be joining us on GUN STORIES WITH JOE MANTEGNA this season? The MONSTER HUNTER books are modern classics. I just finished reading SON OF THE BLACK SWORD, the first book in his newest series, and it was excellent.

Of course, fan favorite Steven Hunter is also on board. His latest book is a departure for Steve:

Admit it…isn't GUN STORIES cool?


Anonymous said...

YES Koollll..

Anonymous said...

And Joe Montegna is the perfect spokesman for gun owners. Perfect. I'd love to see him take an expanded Role in defending our gun rights.

Anonymous said...

Larry is no slouch in the spokesman department either. He is an Awesome writer.

NJ Larry said...


This morning I woke to the new of a MASS CASUALITY EVENT in Brussels. ISIS multiple bombings at airport and train station. I have to ask - How did you know dude ?

Clearly todays event just makes your warnings all the more relevant...sadly.

Michael Bane said...

I agree...sadly. I have spent a lot of time over the last few months with people who are quite literally panicked that Americans think that somehow they're safe from the metastasizing cancer. I've gone thorough scenarios that are almost breathtakingly horrible...I refer you to William R. Forstchen's fictional, but all too probable, DAY OF WRATH for an itsy bitsy peak into our future.

The problem is that we have adopted a form of willful blindness, holding our breath, closing ur eyes and pretending there really is nothing under our collective beds. When I wrote TRAIL SAFE, essentially a compilation of my thinking a self-defense, the first and foremost thing I talked about was the absolute necessity of seeing the world as it is, as opposed to how we might wish it to be (paradigm "blinders"). You can't counter a threat that you refuse to acknowledge is a threat.

You've probably noticed that I've had my ass handed to me in a number of posts of FaceBook and on other forums...I believe the word "paranoid" has come up. Oddly enough, I think of an incident that happened to me back when I was a rock critic. I was touring with some group playing pretty big venues, not stadiums, but 5K type halls. I stepped from backstage around to the front of the stage to get some pictures. There was supposed to be security in the front of the stage, but hey, somebody dropped that ball. So I shoved my way through the crowd, and right about when I got to center stage, the whole front part of the stage collapsed, a speaker downer went over, the crowd went batshit crazy, and, bizarrely rushed TOWARD the collapsed stage. I got clipped and driven to my knees, and could barely breathe in the crush of people. Then a little light bulb went off in my head, and I remembered a story from a year or so back here a person (I think in Europe) escaped from a similar crush by rolling UNDER the stage. Which is exactly what I did...escaped clean with minor scratches and a big scare.

Nobody else escaped under the stage. I think the only reason I did was that my brain had filed "an appropriate response" index card in the giant index card file in my head that said, "If there's no place else to go, try to dive under the stage." If that index card hadn't been there, I don't like to think what would have happened.

If I hadn't thought about such a situation IN ADVANCE, I would'a been screwed. If we choose to say reassuring platitudes like, "You're more likely to get struck by lightning than be caught in a terrorist attack," "most assaults happen at "bad breath distances, so it's silly to waste important training time on longer shots," "those kind os things don't happen here," or "Islam is a religion of peace," we will pay the consequences.

Lots of people, including Obama and Bush, have said Islam means "Peace."

It does' means "Submission."

Hell of a difference.