Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Sorry for Slow Postings!

Working like the proverbial dog. Wrote one full script for GUN STORIES today; spent the rest of the day doing V/O. Today was also physical therapy day, which is why I'm sitting in my chair like a vegetable with a glass of The Balvenie 12-year-old Scotch, which is heaven in a bottle.

The battle now is to stretch the quad…seriously stretch the quad…seriously seriously stretch the quad. Sort of like being on the rack. We made sure when we  chose a physical therapist that she was a sports specialist, in her case a triathlete who has gone through serious knee rehab. The last thing I wanted was a PT who was worried about a little pain and specialized in elderly knee replacement rehab. I can stand a little rain if it brings me closer to Africa with my friends John Carter, Tim Wegner and Kyle Lamb next year.

I decided to purchase a Ruger Hawkeye Predator FTW version in 6.5 Creedmoor. I kinda agonized about this…my friend Jeff Sipe at Montana Rifles builds a beautiful Extreme X2 bolt gun in 6.5CM. I also handled a Kimber Mountain Rifle in 6.5CM. I think what swayed me is that I am boring. My 2 go-to rifle for hunting are the GUNSITE Scout in .308 and the Ruger Guide Rifle in .300 Win Mag. The Predator FTW uses the same adjustable stock as the other 2 rifles, the same feel, a tack-driver. Yes, it's heavier than the Montana and the Kimber, but I've carried the weight before. In the back of my head, I'm thinking of taking it to Africa like my friend John Snow did with plains game. He says the 120-gr Hornady GMXs are fantastic.


Unknown said...

Love my Gunsite Scout. I wish they made an (affordable) aftermarket composite stock. The factory stock is beautiful but I constantly worry about scratching or chipping it.

Anonymous said...

Call me "Old School", but I'm still tryin' to get over a controlled-feed, claw extractor being used as a push-feed extractor that has to snap-over the cartridge rim each time a new cartridge is cycled in, not as it was designed to do; on the Ruger "Scout". How long can it go on before something "gives"? Time will tell, I guess. So far, the quality of the Ruger seems to be able to withstand any problems, or maybe we're just not hearing about them if they exist.

OK, I know that I'm a "stickler". ; )

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Juliana G said...

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