Sunday, March 13, 2016

John Kasich's Letter from Bill Clinton...

Thanking Kasich for his support of the Clinton Assault Weapons Ban. Bubba thanks John Kaisich for his "courageous vote" in favor of the AWB.

If you you're a supporter of the Second Amendment and you were thinking about voting for Kasich on Tuesday, stay home! He's already sold us out once…what do you suppose the odds are he'll sell us out again?

From Reuters:
In 1994 as a member of Congress, Kasich voted in favor of standalone legislation to ban automatic weapons — which ultimately became law as part of a larger crime bill. At the time, it enjoyed some bipartisan support. Two decades later, a similar bill to renew the ban couldn’t get a vote in the Senate thanks to strong Republican opposition. 
It’s no secret Kasich voted for the bill. Voting records don’t make for good campaign ads. Images of letters from former President Bill Clinton do. Folded in half and filed in a box of “personal political” documents is a letter from Clinton thanking him for casting that vote.
Stay home! Say whatever you want about the other candidates, but Kasich caste the vote against us! Gee, nothing says a deep and abiding respect for the Second Amendment like a vote to gut it!


Anonymous said...

One day in late January I walked into my local coffee shop to see John Kasich giving an interview to Mark Halperin.
With my own ears I heard him say, "The Republican party doesn't define my views, it is just a tool I use to get elected. I would probably be more comfortable as a Democrat"
Any one who would vote for a weasel like that deserves the consequences.
Thomas C. Bogan
Laconia NH

Anonymous said...


Thank you! This kind of info' rarely makes it into "print".

Life Member

Unknown said...

He doesn't have a chance in hell of being elected, I can't understand why he is still in the race!

kmitch200 said...

@Tom - Any one who would vote for a weasel like that deserves the consequences.
If they were the only ones stuck with those consequences, I would agree wholeheartedly and tell them to enjoy the ride. Unfortunately the pricks stick it to everyone else too.

@sbubrick: I'm sure he's holding out to be anointed at the convention. He won't last that long if he doesn't win Ohio but he'll try to come back. Sounds kinda like herpes.

The GOP couldn't win in 2012 with Mittens The Milquetoast against President Sparklefarts who did nothing but harm in his first 4 years.
I don't have any faith they won't shoot themselves - and us - in dick this go around either. They have a knack for picking a candidate that Constitution loving voters hate and won't even hold their nose to vote for. Good job GOP! You might lose the Senate this go around too. What a bunch of azzholes.
The ONLY reason they still exist is because the Dems are far, far worse.

Anonymous said...

Uh. Isn't Trump also on the record as supporting this? It believe a search of your own blog will find an explanation from YOU sir explaining that his children, who serve as his advisors, changed his mind. Well good for him. But you must extended to others the sameopportunity to correct past mistakes

nate_o said...

I am a little confused why you are so quick to condemn Kaschich ( which I agree with you on)for his support of an AWB but excuse Trumps past support of an AWB. I dont believe for a second that Trump supports the 2A no matter what his kids say.