Sunday, June 05, 2016

Am Posting...

…just not here. Here's a link to my post on FaceBook. I've been doing more posting there because it is just faster.


Much easier to keep up a running commentary on FaceBook than here on Blogger. I did want to repost this one because it's important. I wrote it in the wake of the San Jose riots, where the police "stood down" so as not to "insight" [their spelling; not mine…I'd say "insight" was damned lacking here] any more rioting:

Speaking from THE BEST DEFENSE's viewpoint, mob violence is a terrifying thing. From my own experience as a "riot reporter" back when I was a Baby Journalist, I was stunned at how fast a "protest" became a "riot" becoming potentially lethal. A personal experience — at the last Weatherman above ground action, the assault on the Vietnamese embassy on Dupont Circle in D.C., it had been billed as a simple protest march. Because even back then I was paranoid, I had my own gas mask and a SHTF bag with me, as I figured it would turn into a riot, which it did. I got caught between "opposing lines," so I dove under an SUV to crawl out of the other side and get clear. My action was hastened when the car in from of the truck I was under took a Molotov cocktail and exploded. You've never seen somebody get out from under a car that fast!

My point is that once the mental balloon goes up and the crowd transitions into the pack mentality we see in the photo, it is only a very short step to lethal danger. You need to be aware of how quickly that transition can take place, and you need to THINK NOW about how you will respond. If you are taken to the ground, at the mercy of kicks from hiking boots or iron-toed work boots, you are screwed. Ditto if you're simply overpowered by the crowd.

What to do? First, be aware of your surroundings. I have seen people literally walk or drive into the middle of a pitched battle between rioters and police, then look up and start shouting, "What's going on?" Don't let that be you. Accept that even those calm "protesters" can turn like a mad dog at the right provocation. Do not engage protestors in arguments! You wouldn't poke a mad dog with a stick, would you? You wouldn't even poke a friendly dog like Newt with a stick.

Secondly, always know where your best, and fallback, exits are, keeping in mind that the mob will tow you along with it. Work yourself toward the edges, or better yet, if you have to be there, STAY on the edges!

Be armed, but be aware that unless you have an MP5 in your SHTF pack, your weapons is not necessarily going to get you out of trouble. Your brain is weapon you need here. DO NOT BRANDISH A WEAPON! That's waving red meat in front of the Khalessi's pet dragons. Instead, think of your weapon as a last ditch tool to buy you enough time to get out of the mob and behind police lines. There's a reason behind every cliche, and certainly "cut and run" comes to mind. Also remember that the police will not know YOU from THEM, and act accordingly. I've been hauled off to happens, and they've always cut me loose after we've sorted out the what's what/who's who.

Best solution...don't poke the dog with a stick; keep your head in the game; always work toward the edges...or don't be there in the first place!


YOU . ARE . ON . YOUR . OWN!!!


Kristophr said...

The problem with facebook is having to give up your personal information, of lying through your teeth and inventing a completely new identity. If I don't log into facebook, I can't really look at your posts there, Michael.

Employers are now demanding facebook friending, which is obnoxious. ( of course if an employer did that, I would create a blank and unused facebook page under my real name and with my work email address. Have fun staring at that, HR. )

Jeffy said...

Wonderful bloggers like yourself who would positively reply encouraged me to be more open and engaging in commenting. So know it's helpful..

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Anonymous said...

Facebook is the modern version of the girl's powder room. I, and most of my friends, don't do Facebook.

You certainly should post there to reach your idle readers, but don't forget the rest of us.

DamDoc said...

Yeah, Facebook IS Zuckerberg... I dont do Zuckerberg... he is antigun and pro Progressive, and wants open borders. I hope you will rethink this..

Anonymous said...


Well said. And "he" is one of "those" that needs to disarm "us". "He will also help do it with his tools. I don't and won't do Facebook either; ever! If it takes sacrificing the conversations here, so be it.

I won't let that affect my return loyalty to the many fine "Bane" shows on TV though. It will just give me one less very good channel of communication.

Never get into bed with the enemy. They will OWN you!

Life Member

NJ Larry said...

I was in the IT arena for 4 decades including the origins of the internet and then the webby thing. Had to compile browsers back then. Tried out FB until I found the words to describe it. ZITBERG was privatizing the web. I opted out and haven't been back.

Michael Bane said...

Fair enough...I'll repost here!

You guys are right that I have to be there.


DMD said...

MB--Thank you for coming back to YOUR blog--we need you here, and not with Zitberg (great name BTW)!! DMD

Anonymous said...


Thanks for still remembering us. We know and accept that you "may" need to reach others via Facebook and hope that you draw some of those users to this blog. We also hope that you draw some converts here too.

Thanks again,

Life Member

Jeff said...

What is this "Facebook?" I know it not.

Actually, it seems that to be on Facebook is to reject the advice to not be in the middle of the crowd.... Or in the words of Farnam, "Don't go to stupid places."

Anonymous said...

And now there is this:

Guess who's getting "zucked" again?

Life Member

DamDoc said...

yes, thanks! we need you here! and on the pod casts!

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