Sunday, June 19, 2016

The War Goes On

Particularly when applied to the ability to own a firearm, many would argue that the no-fly list is a violation of the 5th Amendment, which guarantees the right to due process before people are deprived of life, liberty or property. During the ACLU's lawsuit, the government admitted that people are added to the list speculatively, before they've actually done anything wrong.
I got nothing for you here. My personal decision on the election is to follow the National Rifle Association's lead. I do not necessarily have an objection to the existance of such a list per se — just as I have no objection to the FBI surveilling mosques with radical Imans — my criticism is the absence of due process for the people on the list. As Bump notes in this article, the purpose of the no fly/no buy list was never keeping terrorists off airplanes or away from guns. It exists to chip away at people owning guns.

We have walked into a worst case scenario at the worst possible time. Out blood enemies have discovered something that we have known for a long time…the majority of American care as much about gun control as they do about lawn pests. Taken on its own, it is not an issue. We have a far more dedicated electorate than they do.

The only exception to this rule is the period IMMEDIATELY after attack of some sort. Suddenly, the "we've got to do something!" meme, whipped into a frenzy by a compliant, biased media. becomes a Class 5 tornado. But like even a Class 5 tornado, the storm passes pretty quickly. The numbers after Newtown absolutely stunned the antigun movement. The antigunners truly thought they had a tipping point, a fundamental change in the American electorate. Instead, we got truckloads of teddy bears and bad poetry, and the needle of public opinion didn't even move. I would say that because the public at larger, the silent majority, of you will, understand that the "solutions" offered by by the antigun movement are no different that the rites and rituals of a bizarre orthodox church, on par with casting the entrils of chickens. "Universal background checks, "assault weapons bans," increasing the subgroups of people who cannot own or purchase firearms, are little more than ritual chants, disconnected from any reality. The vast majority of the progressive left and their useful idiots know as much about guns and gun crimes as my beagle Newt knows about French cooking.

However, they have taken steps to take full advantage of that short span of time between the attack happens and people step back from their revulsion, essentially a SWAT team of swine focusing solely on emotion. That's where we are now. Every day that passes there's less and less chance of any emotion-driven drivel passing. This was, after all, a TERRORIST ATTACK, not a random shooting, not some twisted kid spun up on antidepressants living out his Klebold and Harris fantasies of running up the score. This was an attack on the United States of America by a representative fo a foreign power…it doesn't matter where he was born, only where his allegiances rest.

So we'll see what next week brings us. The war goes on.


Obiwan said...

I've sent messages to some of the news media - the latest being Howard Kurtz of Fox this morning. I know I'm urinating into a hurricane, but I had to express my displeasure of the media.
I've also made calls to my Senators, as well as utilizing NRA resources.


Anonymous said...


You’ve long been a proponent of “Gun culture 2.0”, and frankly I think you have been a leader in getting that word out. Effectively, we have shifted the the way gun owners treat gun ownership, gun carry, gun training and to some extent, supporting politically our rights to do so.. In my opinion, there was one significant problem in Gun Culture 2.0 and that is the failure to respond to a critical event. By that, I mean our side simply sits back and pays lip service to grief, while the mouth foamers in the totalitarian camp shout “MORE GUN CONTROL” from the highest mast using the loudest bull horn. They start the “what do we do” conversation, they and the media frame the boundaries of the “discussion” and the fight for us is always defensive as a result.

Many in our community may not like capitalizing on a tragedy and I’m not advocating the “use” of a tragedy or attack, but at this point, the totalitarians are already doing this and have been for some time. And they ARE WINNING the public relations battle. It’s only a matter of time - maybe mere hours, before that PR victory translates into political victory.

We can’t let the other side dictate what freedoms we’re allowed to have any more, it simply isn’t a strategy for success.

You say you aren’t against a list per se, but I would caution you to be a little concerned at “following the NRA’s lead”. None of the current bills allow for any method to get removed from the secret list, and there are no penalties for wrongly putting an innocent citizen on the list. We all know that the government never F*cks up though right?

Just ask Vicki Weaver. Oh that’s right, you can’t because she’s DEAD. How about Richard Jewel? Or Richard Hatfill?

We can’t trust any branch of the government with any secret list, period. Unless we like the idea of the next Lois Lerner populating the “no-guns” list.

No, I am very, very suspicious of NRA’s efforts here. I think we will be able to tell how serious the NRA really is if their ILA lobbying team are on Capitol Hill this week.

One thing for sure, there had better be a “National Reciprocity” amendment on every gun control bill that gets to the floor, period. If there’s not, we know that NRA-ILA is not serious about stopping this batch of gun control that wouldn’t have stopped anything.

For Gun Culture 2.1, we’re going to have to get past this self enforced “period of silence” after a sensational event and get our side out there first. Self defense works, and has for millennia. What doesn’t work is letting other people tell us when and under what conditions we can defend ourselves. We need to lobby more like the totalitarians, and less like Gun Culture 1.0 and 2.0.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 2:24 PM,


And we do need to get on our soap-boxes and scream our protests at full volume at every opportunity. We also need to ATTACK the behavior of these crazed murderers at every opportunity. Notice that "Groucho Marxist" never once delivered any admonishment that the behavior of any of these mass-murderers is not acceptable! If the Jihadists can recruit followers by simply inculcating gullible new followers, it should be no surprise that WE can also encourage followers with our values. It does work. That's how social "mores" enter into culture.

And Gird your loins! Now, there is talk that Justice Clarence Thomas may be next to leave SCOTUS.

Trump must get the Whitehouse!

Life Member

jr PCOLA said...

Serious as a heart attack!
I moved south for my kids and grandkids from upstate new york. reasons are varied including guns and freedom. last week one of my brothers-in-law said" let me ask you a question-- why did they let him have a gun if he was on a watch list"---- BOTH my sisters and brothers-in law are liberal BHO can do no wrong types. They all want Hillery in power--I told them how the govt really works and since have not heard from them including today "happy fathers day' I assume they really hate my reasoning- so my question /-request is help me explain that we are on a collision course/ war that will split this country North-South--- Left--Right. I need to explain to them that 5 minutes of ABC/CBS/MSLSD news does not tell the whole story. I think this is a MICROCOSM of the country!!

DamDoc said...

Email/call/fax your Senate and Congress critters RIGHT NOW.. this is important. take the time to do it!!!!

NJ Larry said...

Just reflecting ....

After a solid week of the left trying its best, the 4 Senate bills went down to defeat a hour ago. Also they have been beating the crap outta Trump. I watch a ton of TV. Almost everything he says is distorted, magnified and twisted. I also have spent a lifetime in the NYC region. I know how New Yorkers talk. Trump has the truncated, sarcastic and humorous delivery of the thousands of friends family and business clients I have spent time with. My God, I suspect folks outside the region would blush at the back and forth of endless meetings I've been in. So the other day Trump gives an off the cuff comment on the no fly list and another on the club goers having guns. The entire leftist media jump on him. BUT here is the point....I have to give Trump credit. I consider this a test. A real trial by fire. He has'nt caved. He hasn't gone over to the dark side. Look, he is not a gun guy. He isn't steeped in the gun culture. His boys are. I suspect he is getting advice from them now. And he is holdiing the line. Thank God. I sure hope that the NRA and the broader gun community reach out to him and his campaign to educate them over time.

Anonymous said...

And Trump handled himself well on O'Reilly tonight (06-20-2016) when Bill kept trying to get Trump to cede that there should "be limits on what type of guns citizens can own". Trump didn't move. He also added "depth" to his "watch-list" restrictions adding allusion to due-process. He concluded saying the he is with the NRA all the way.

Get behind Trump!

Life Member

john said...

When we have a U.S. senator state that "due process is killing us" then you know that the rot goes more than skin deep. We have a struggle ahead of us, call, write AND E-mail your reps. I do, even though it was MY senator that made that embarrassing statement above. And VOTE.

Anonymous said...

But, gun sales are surging!

Why here though?

Lauren Ventosa said...

It's amazing how many politicians have wanted to end so many amendments to the constitution. What's even more frustrating is the rallying of citizens behind them. They're just taking advantage of the situation. Don't let a crisis go to waste!

Anonymous said...

And now, during our intermission, we have this:

Wayne LaPierre on "Fake the Nation"

Good job! But, he was cut off early.

NJ Larry said...

NRA has its first general election TV ad out. HOLY SMOKES ! Pass it along. IMHO it is powerful...

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

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Dan said...

Well i would be diplomatic in this condition. By seeing the crime rate increase in the country this decision might have been taken. For others who own a gun and have a sense of responsibility might feel that this decision went against them.