Tuesday, June 14, 2016

What To Have On Your Person

From a comment on Facebook:

Greg Ellifritz and Grant Cunningham…I deal with this very issue in this week's podcast, which we decided to put up today instead of waiting until Wednesday. I agree with you that what you have on you at the time the balloon goes up is what you will have to deal with the situation. Your car may as well be on the dark side of the moon, or in Mordor. I learned this lesson years ago when I went by a client's office to pick up a check. They ushered my in, locked the door behind me and told me a disgruntled fired emplyee was on his way to "settle the score." The police had been called and were on the phone with ten…they were quoting 15 minutes. "You have a gun, right?" they asked me. "You always have a gun." I sure did…I was in shorts, a t-shirt and flip-flops, and I had a Walther TPH .22 and a Spyderco Delica in my pocket. I figured if any hash was going to be settled, it would probably be mine. 

Changed my mind, it did.

I have come to the conclusion that I will start carrying a "man purse" or some sort of bag on a regular basis. Not a huge deal (especially since I live in Colorado, where everyone carries some sort of bag, backpack, etc), as I used to obsessively carry a bicycle messenger bag…I biked a lot (and will again if all this metal they've surgically implanted in my legs actually works) and I obsessively carried a Timbuktu bicycle messenger bag, in a fetching Rasta design. I don't mean to make light here, but in my own community a brightly colored bicycle messenger bag was for all intents and purpises invisible. On the bike or motorcycle, my EDC (then an STI LS9) and extra mags was in the bag. Otherwise, it the gun and an extra mag was on my person. My plan is the gun (now a G26/RMR) and an extra G19 magazine are on my person; the bag will contain the med kit, additional tourniquets, extra magazines, extra fixed blade knife, extra flashlight. Training yourself to carry a bag is not unlike training yourself to carry a gun…you treat it just like a woman's purse, where you go, it goes. It DOES NOT get left in the car! 

Key point, at least for me, gun, relaod, knife and tourniquet on my body! Extras in the bag.


Gary said...

Michael--right on! As I look more closely into the timeline that has been released to the public, I'm beginning to suspect that at some point we will hear that the gunman didn't directly cause all the casualties. It appears that the gunman was not exclusively shooting at the patrons within the club as he engaged in at least two gunfights with the security guard and responding police officers. Shots were exchanged but neither the gunman or the police where hit. Where did all those bullets go, especially since the diagrams I've seen place the gunman between the police and the patrons in the club. It seems--again from reports I've seen posted on the Internet but attributed to police officials--that the majority of the shooting the gunman did occurred in the first 5 minutes or so of the attack. As Greg Ellifritz has pointed out just today, shooting accuracy by police officers is not what it should be in many cases.

Anonymous said...

Why we can't rely on our government:

"The FBI closed this file because the Obama administration treats radical Islamic threats as common crimes. I am not trying to solve a crime. I am trying to prevent an attack and if we kept the file open and we saw what he was up to, I think we could have stopped it,"


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John Fletcher Kilgour said...

It will not matter what you WANT to have on your person if we get sold out by Donald Trump and the government makes it illegal for you to actually carry the gun you want to have on your person. How is Donald Trump and his "support" for gun rights working out for you now, Mr. Unconditional Surrender (or was that supposed to be unconditional support?) Michael Bane???? Still singing the praises of Donald Trump? Oh, what difference does it make? You'll be in Carmel-by-the-sea for the weekend before the election instead of organizing get-out-the-vote efforts for gun owners on election day anyway.

KevinC said...

I went a slightly different direction: I went down a notch with the gun (CZ P07 to an upgraded S&W Shield), but that means I can carry a SWAT-T tourniquet and other stuff on me under an untucked t-shirt and no one freaks out.

Anonymous said...

Donald Trump selling us out????? How?

Just because he wants to talk to the NRA about no-sale to terrorists, doesn't mean that he's selling us out. He needs to talk to understand the NRA's position, aka, our position that without due-process of the law, "no dice". So John, what is you proposed direction?


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Michael Bane said...

Mr. Kilgour...and your alternative is? When you get through making fun of me, you might try writing your legislators...I have written mine, twice so far.

And I like Carmel By the Sea. So there.

Have gone to RATS tourniquet & Israeli compression bangages. Not optimal, but nearly bullet proof.

I have sources pointing to friendly fire as well. Also some heartbreaking stories of claerly non-fatal wounds that became fatal through lack of minimal care.

Am back in the functioning world, more or less...lotta pain, but f#%k it...I can stan a little rain. Am running my G26/G19 combo gun hard tomorrow. If it hold ups, I'm moving it into service.


Anonymous said...

We have a "seminar blogger" among us again. He is welcome, even though he appears to be trying to undermine and reduce the support for the best candidate for POTUS, DJT.

So be it. We know and can see through the illusion.

"Mr. Grasshopper" was the last one.

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rastus said...

Kilgour is probably a plant from the other side trying to spread discourse.

Psyops kind of thing. I doubt the person Kilgour exist...just the moniker.

Sheepdog1968 said...

Hi Michael,
Some makers for backpacks, which half of my colleagues use to carry their computer to work in, and messenger bags come with ballistic material and otherwise look like plain Jane bags. Often they will have a hidden access port. If you are going to get one, I don't think it could hurt to,also get it with some ballistic protection. Where I live is earthquake country. Having some supplies if noticed in back pack would seem normal. Also at work I'm one of the emergency first responders so,having some medical supplies would be normal as well. Just other ways you can fit in and have these supplies and not stand out.

Yes, the car is a million miles away but it can't hurt to keep a $300 pump shotgun and a couple of boxes of 00 buck and slugs in there either. I put a black towel over these things in the back part of the trunk so it disappears. It could also be put under the truck carpet as well. Not quick and handy but nice to have along with 3 days food and water and more medical supplies. Not that I would want a shotgun stolen from my trunk (though you could bike lock it to the trunk hinge). They cost so little that I might as well keep one there six months to,a year ago, there was a posting on the highroad website for police trade in Mossberg 590A1s for $200 each. How can you go wrong buying that and keeping it in the trunk.

By the way, I want a should holster for drinking and going to the movies that is quality similar to my Miltsparks IWB. Who do you reccomend for this? I'm not too worried about the price. Do you have a similar ankle holster reccomendatiosn that is of similar high quality.

Sheepdog1968 said...

Meant to,say shoulder holster for driving.