Tuesday, June 14, 2016

"If the Second Amendment didn't exist, it might have to be invented to meet the current situation."

From "The Zero Knowledge Proof" on PJ Media.

A point I want to make this AM before the Fool In The White House cranks up his teleprompter.

I saw reports overnight, notably on CNN, with the strong implication that the terrorist was himself gay and therefore the attack might be personal in nature. This narrative plays well into the Obama/Hillary/Gun Control meme, because it de-emphasizes radical Islamism.

Ironically, this type of "mixed motivation" event came up in our research for our "mass casualty event" special (which we re now crashing in an effort to get it on the air ASAP). In fact. the "mixed motivation" model was described to us as the model for future events.

In short, both on-line and through personal "recruiters" (who we are no doubt inviting wholesale into our country), the jihadist are looking for men and women with an existing grievance or something in their lives that gives the recruiter a wedge, a fracture, to work with.

It can be the classic "honey pot," which I think is what we saw in San Bernardino. The wife radicalized her already disgruntled husband, who hated his coworkers. The shooter in Orlando, if he indeed had "gay impulses," as had been implied in the MSM, he would be the ideal candidate for radicalization. As a Muslin, he accepted the mainstream view that homosexuals must be "killed out of compassion," but killed nonetheless. If he himself found himself drawn to members of his own sex, that would create the very mental "fracture" that could be filled by jihadist propaganda. It would explain the choice of Pulse over DisneyWorld.

I think, as do my sources, that we will see more of these "mixed motivation" attacks, because from a sheer return-on-investment standpoint, it's a very cost-effective strategy. You don't have to teach anyone how to fly a plane, build a truck bomb, or even get a Genuine Johnny Jihadist Membership Card. You just have to find that fracture, that grievance, that can be expanded into a full-blown terrorist worldview. And, honestly, the jihadists are master of that very thing.

As I have said repeatedly on the podcast, once we have successfully stripped modern society of any meaning — be it religion, patriotism, family, whatever — we are left with a substantial number of people, especially young people, grasping for some sort of meaning. Our minds despise a vacuum. That's why we have the ridiculous situation we now have on our campuses. But jhadism, radical Islam, provides more than just abstract worldview…it provides a preplanned, step-by-step way of life…step on board the escalator and you never have to have an original thought again. Everything is laid out for you.

Moreover, instead of working at the comic book store and living in your mom's basement, you are a Warrior! You are part of a world-wide movement of guys who dress in black and are bad ass dudes, cutting off heads and having women slaves. You are fighting toward a climatic battle between good, the soldiers of Allah, and evil, mom, that guy at work who insulted you and the cheerleader who turned you down for a date…oh yeah, and corrupt Western culture. This is virtually a Frank Frazetta sci-fi fantasy for a certain group of young men. And for that group, that subculture, it's seductive as all get-out.

"If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle."
--Sun Tzu


Anonymous said...

"If the Second Amendment didn't exist, it might have to be invented to meet the current situation." It ain't going that way.

Get ready, the movement to ELIMINATE the Second Amendment is under full-steam! Jeh Johnson, Director of Homeland Security, declared yesterday that gun control is a matter of national security. That was the strongest approach to eliminating the "threat" that he could offer; box-cutters and explosive notwithstanding. He was elusive at best, when questioned regarding what can be done in the case of the latter.

See for yourself: http://video.foxnews.com/v/4941725587001/johnson-orlando-appears-to-be-case-of-self-radicalization/?intcmp=hpvid1#sp=show-clips

I can foresee draconian directives from the POTUS and his regulatory bureaus that will result in banning and confiscation of whole classes of guns. We will be rendered defenseless. In the least, we are being told that "yes, you have the right to own a gun in your home, but you can't "bear it" in public. (Ref.: Recent 9th Circuit Court declaration.)

What a sick perversion of our rights.

Life Member

Anonymous said...

The Supreme Court will review the current "Assault Weapons" case, Thursday.

Here's a short synopsis of the case and the expected outcome:


And so it continues.

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KM said...

this type of "mixed motivation" event came up in our research for our "mass casualty event"

At the point of attack, nobody cares what the killer's motivation is.
Extract yourself and if possible, anyone else you can.
If you can't GTFO, fight like your life is at stake with whatever tool you have, even if it's just a rock, a koi from the fish pond or bare hands.

Marc-Wi said...

To much talk from DC & MSM. All we need to know is this will continue. Michael,you are right, we are on our own.


Marc-Wi said...

Analyze, analyze, analyze. That's all the MSM and DC do. All they need to know is it will continue, and you are right, we are on our own.

David H. said...

Trump will save us... oh, wait, after Orlando he rolled over on all his pledges like a stuck pig. Didn't even wait to hold the office before sliding a knife between our ribs.

Not a dime's worth of difference, America.

Hope it was worth it, Michael.