Monday, November 14, 2016

Forget Those Other Pussies...

You're safe with me!


Mediamaya said...

Wow, nice Gun friend..

Anonymous said...

Hey, that trigger is "broken"!

; )

Life Member

Anonymous said...

Probably not broken, it looks like the striker has already been released, so the trigger would be rearward.
Try it & see, confirm empty; slide forward; pull the trigger; voila.

Anonymous said...

Let's all make sure that we never GIVE UP even after this significant election win!

"They're" still coming for us, every chance they get and very chance they create!

Life Member

DamDoc said...

that pin is supposed to go on a diaper!

Jasonfb said...

So why not go for broke? Everyone says we should change this part of the NFA, or repeal this provision of the GCA of 1968. And then they say because it isn't realistic to overturn the whole law. Well, why not? Why not go for broke and insist that the laws be over tuned? At least that way, if we cannot get the whole shootin match revoked at least we can say we did what you asked for all these years and we comprised with the hearing preservation act, we compromised with the repeal of the Hughes Amendment.

Kristophr said...

Pin a straw to your lapel.

A "We won, so suck it up" straw.

Will said...

Love it! Those idiots can even read more than one angle from it.
Might work well on a t-shirt.

mk said...

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