Monday, November 07, 2016

Monday Tick-Tock

So I've done everything I can…you're gonna vote or you're gonna not. Let's leave it at that.

It's been a long election cycle, and it has exposed the already existing fracture lines in American culture and the fundamental truths we all feared —the elites hate us, the system is rigged against us, every word  that comes out of politicians' mouth, whether it is a Republican or a Democratic mouth, is a lie.

The biggest "take-away" for all of us in the Gun Culture is how casually the Republicans, who have depended on our votes for at least 2 decades, will throw the Second Amendment under the bus. A good example is the weasels at NRO, so-called "Constitutional Conservatives" who pray for a Democratic victory so they can "consolidate" the "conservative movement," under their leadership. If it takes sacrificing the 2nd (and, what the hell, the 1st) to retain their dacha by the lake, well, so what? They do not own or use firearms, do not possess concealed carry permits nor know anyone who does. They do not participate in the shooting sports, collect classic firearms, dabble in home gunsmithing, turn out every autumn for dove or whitetail deer hunts, buy anything at all, ever, from Cabela's or Bass Pro (forget Midway USA!…they've never even heard of it), subscribe to OUTDOOR or SPORTSMAN'S CHANNEL, agonize over "9mm or .45."

They are the epitome of "not us," and they hold us in the same contempt as the most liberal progressive.

Tomorrow we'll start piecing things back together, with the sure and certain knowledge that no matter who wins, we are on our own, in uncharted waters. We have always been a fractious tribe, but in the clutch the tribal bonds we hold are stronger than the issues that divide us. There are going to be bruised feelings, anger, a lingering sense of betrayal...but we have fought together before, and we will fight together again.

I have said in talks and in the media that not only are we a different culture, we are a better culture. I truly believe that.


KevinC said...

To the (sub)urban Republican, the right to keep and bear arms is just another chit to be traded towards their eventual goal of being in-charge.

To a gun owner, it is not just the foundation that the house of our worldview is built on, it is the house itself, and it is not to be traded away for a bowl of pottage.

Scott said...


I agree that there are those on NRO who don't value or prioritze the second amendment as much as you or I. As a long time reader however, Charles Cooke, Kevin Williamson and David French are on our side and prominent within NRO. At the least, French carries and so does his wife.

Anonymous said...


Then why aren't they rolling in the aisles kicking and screaming to preserve those rights? Why aren't they engaging their peers at NRO? Or are they simply afraid that they'll lose their job and will therefore trade it for their freedom?

Life Member

.weston.pecos. said...

I appreciate what you have done, and what you have said, on our behalf. I stopped reading your blog and listening to your podcast last winter/spring when you went all in for Trump because I did not believe Trump was pro-firearm rights. But as the course of the election has gone on, and as it has become increasingly clear from her own words, and those of her surrogates that the Beast (hillary c.) WILL definitely be going after our firearms, and more lethally she will be going after ammo (she has stated that quite clearly, e.g. "you should not be able to buy unlimited numbers of bullets," etc) it is clear to me now that your wisdom was months, years, ages ahead of time and certainly ahead of mine. I'm back, appreciating you as I always did because, you were right. Trump is a lot of things, some good and some not so good, but that one single man IS the only thing standing between us and a complete, permanent end to mail order ammo, regular capacity magazines, semi-automatic firearms, etc. and, if you think that she can not do it without an "act of Congress" readers need to google search "what was the legal justification for FDR banning private ownership of gold?" and follow the links and read how he did that and you will see that the same laws allowing FDR to ban our fathers and grandfathers to own gold are still on the books and they would, absolutely, give hillary the power to ban private ownership of more than a pittance of ammo or semi-auto firearms, or whatever she wants to see banned, WITHOUT an act of Congress. That is why it is critical for people to vote for Trump because it is the ONLY thing we can do to try to prevent her from being elected. By the way, I'm not some "gold bug" who is hoarding gold or anything like that. I don't care about gold. I care about firearms and ammo, but if you look at history and see what happened, and how it happened, that a President was literally able to ban private ownership of something as valuable as gold all on his say so, you will see that the President can do the same kind of thing, today, about anything she/he wants to see banned. Pretty darn scary. And, Trump is the only thing in her way.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Michael. I very much needed to read that. I've not been checking in here regularly recently, and today I really needed.....something. Something to hold on to in the storm.

I'll be tuning into the next podcast, come what may. Thank's for doing what you do. It means a lot to me. Surely more than I can explain in this comment box.

We won't surrender. Not now, not ever. Citizens, not subjects.

Best wishes to you and yours.


Hammerli 280 said...

Pat Caddell had a good piece on Fox News. He argues that the populist forces behind Trump and Sanders are not going away. Basically, the lower middle class has been completely hosed by BOTH parties in the last couple of decades.

As for the NRO crowd, they want to play gatekeeper...and collect tolls. I don't think they understand that they have burned a lot of bridges with the base.

davebsr said...

I voted guns.