Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Thanksgiving Week Chores...

I suspect a trip to the grocery store is in order, since it appears that Thanksgiving is on Thursday. This turned out to be a shock to me…I thought I had another full week before the week of Thanksgiving. I am at a loss to understand what happened to that week. I had a lot of working plans.

Oh well, tempus fugitted on me!

In between the podcast and advertising work I refitted the RMR on my competition Glock G19…as I suspected, one of the screws had worked loose, which allowed the battery box to bounce around a little bit. I meticulous re-Loc-Tited the sight, and I'll re-zero over the holiday weekend, since there are no matches.

Today after my Grocery Store Assault, I'm going to work on the magazines and make sure we're all on the same page, e.g. dropping free. I like the MagPuls, but if they're not going to drop I'll go back to the Glocks or ETS. I'm going to add a slightly longer magazine release, which is an allowed mod under USPSA Carry Optics rule, as long as the mag button remains the same size. Glock offers just such a part, and I ordered one from Midway USA.

Physically, I'm alternating the stationary bike with the water rowing machine, trying to build both strength and flex on especially my right leg without stressing it some much that I risk re-re-ripping the quad muscle loose from its precarious moorings. I've also, at the surgeon's recommendation, started wearing an elastic knee brace on the right knee, giving a tiny bit more stability in that leg.

I've also got some rifle work to do, dialing in the Swaro 3.5-18x on the Ruger FTW 6.5 Creedmoor with the Hornady ELD-X 143-gr hunting ammo for a filmed whitetail hunting trip in Texas in mid-December. I'll get it sighted in at 50 yards here at the Bunker, then move it to 100, 200 and 300 yards, the longest distance I have available to me.

Finally, I want to put the Quarter Circle 10 9mm pistol together over the holidays. I have the upper and most of the parts I need…I think. I'm thinking of a Tyrant CNC grip because it's trick. Or one of the Hogue G10s.


NJ Larry said...

Whilst you're playing around with guntacular toys this holiday weekend MB, Donald Trump is busy Making America Great Again. I thought this would put a smile on folks faces..and its semi related to guns.

He just picked a lady I never heard of for Secy of Ed. Betsy DeVos. So I look her up. Turns out she is for Charter schools. Cool. The ed unions hate her. More gooder. She comes from rich family. Then she married into Amway bilions. Hmmmm... then I see her maiden name. Its Prince. Gee thats a uncommon name. Yup... Her brother is none other than Erik Prince. Founder of Blackwater ! Is this Trump cabinet a rather muscular one? Mad Dog Mattis, Blackwater family .... gotta love it ! Maybe we get IDPA matches on the White House lawn?

Michael Bane said...

Holy crap! I think I once asked Betsy Prince to marry me, or at the very least adopt me into the Prince family...needless to say...


Anonymous said...

Democrats are angry with Trump and the election. Almost as angry as when we freed their slaves.

DMD said...

This is getting better and better--and we all have to give thanks that we are not facing a Clinton/Dem presidency !! DMD

Anonymous said...

VC-3 by Vibra-tite is a better thread locker for the RMR than blue Loctite.
(It dries rubbery not brittle).

Available from AMAZON.COM and other fine retailers.


I replaced the weeney OEM hex screws for the RMR with stainless TORX drive T-10 screws.
Much more positive driver engagement.