Thursday, April 19, 2007

And Speaking of Whores...

...the media whores at the Christian Science Monitor, running against the trend, say support for gun control is rising. As their centerpiece, they quote a 2006 study from the rocket scientists at Hamilton College in Clinton, NY:
But quietly, American attitudes toward firearms have shifted. Gun ownership is at the lowest level in three decades, and support for the regulation of firearms, which is always been high, has reached a new peak, according to one new poll. Some of the biggest supporters of gun-control are teenagers and college students.

For instance, 88 percent of high school students polled by Hamilton College in 2006 supported a five-day waiting period for a hand-gun purchase. The reason, say researchers, is their own experience with guns.
Hmmm...I wonder if that's like the 200o Hamilton College study, funded by the antigun group Alliance for Justice:
About nine out of 10 high school students support such gun control measures as criminal background checks and mandatory trigger locks, according to a survey released in late August.

The same number of students said they favored requiring a safety course and a license to purchase a handgun. Ninety-six percent supported registering firearms when purchased so they could be traced, if “necessary,” said Dennis Gilbert, a sociology professor at Hamilton College in Clinton, New York, who designed the survey with his students.


The Alliance for Justice, an anti-gun coalition of advocacy groups, released the study as part of an anti-gun campaign. The poll, financed by the College’s Arthur Levitt Public Affairs Center, had an error margin of plus or minus three percentage points.
Here's a little bit of the Monitor's drivel...I wouldn't use this crap to line my parrot's cages!
The reason overwhelming support for gun control found in opinion polls has not translated into support for gun-control advocates during elections is that gun owners are more passionate about the issue than the general public, says Josh Sugarmann, executive director of the Violence Policy Center in Washington. "While there is public support on our side, the National Rifle Associations' hard-core supporters have the boots on the ground – which means they are the vocal minority that makes sure their voice is heard when their member in Congress comes home to their district."

He says the Virginia Tech shootings may cause gun-control supporters to become more engaged.

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Hamilton College, in New York. What can you expect from a liberal rich kid school in third world New York.